Maximize your efficiency with the PipelineDeals To-Dos List

 Use the To-do List to get the most out of your work day! Use the To-do List to get the most out of your work day!

What is the first thing that you do at work in the morning? Do you brew some morning coffee, catch-up with a coworker about a show you watched last night, or sift through some email wondering what you should do today? According to author Jennifer Cohen of Forbes, what you do first thing in the morning can determine your success for the day.

We designed PipelineDeals to help you stay organized and on-top of your sales starting first thing in the morning. Our most successful customers start their days by consulting the To-dos List. You can navigate to the To-dos List by clicking on the ‘See All’ button in the Tasks & Event module on the home tab, or by clicking on the ‘List’ link in the upper right corner on the Calendar tab.

The To-dos List helps you review, prioritize, or reschedule your most important tasks and events for the day. Using the Simple or Advanced filter, you can use the list view to drill down on future tasks for a hot deal or lead. Quickly postpone multiple tasks or mark multiple tasks or events as complete using bulk actions. View contact cards, record activities and create follow-up tasks in one powerful list view.

Starting your day off on the right foot will help you close more deals and get more done. Tomorrow, start your day by looking at the To-dos List view and get the most out of you day!

For more information on Jennifer Cohen’s Five Things Super Successful People Do Before 8AM, look at this great infographic.

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