Feedback to Feature in Two Weeks

ecently, our co-founder JP Werlin had the pleasure of visiting BrandVerity, one of our customers located near our west coast office in downtown Seattle.

You have to build great relationships with your customers to build a strong business. At PipelineDeals, we love getting to know more about our customers, their business, and their sales process. Recently, our co-founder JP Werlin had the pleasure of visiting BrandVerity, one of our customers located near our west coast office in downtown Seattle.

BrandVerity provides tools to detect online brand and trademark abuse. Their services detect affiliate abuse of paid search policies, monitor social media mentions, coupon abuse, and maintain a watchlist of affiliates known to be abusive of their customer’s policies.

 The BrandVerity team in their Seattle office
The BrandVerity team in their Seattle office

BrandVerity uses PipelineDeals to manage their sales process from lead acquisition to final sale. Additionally, their account managers use our CRM to nurture relationships and manage correspondence. During our meeting, we learned a lot of vital information from BrandVerity about what parts of our product were working well, where their salesperson’s pain points were, and how we could improve our service.

For example, we learned that our postpone one day function was helpful during the workweek but that we needed to enhance the feature to postpone Friday events to Monday. Sales Manager Mason Smith explains, “The enhancement just makes sense for a typical Monday-Friday shop. [Enhancing the] feature allows us to spend […] more time actually selling.” We couldn’t agree with you more – this enhancement just makes sense.

From Feedback to Feature in 2 weeks

JP forwarded this improvement advice to our Product Manager the day of his meeting, and by the following week our Development Team released an update to the feature. Sales Manager Preston Holland explains his reaction, “Pipeline[Deals] now integrates with our sales process more closely and with less clicks. It’s all about saving time.” His colleague Mason went further, stating, “the response and action we got from the PipelineDeals team was excellent. We are excited to see other enhancements that you’re working on.”

To BrandVerity and to all of our customers, we can’t wait to share more about our future improvements with you! We recently announced we’ll be releasing an Android App before the New Year, we’re continuing to make on-going enhancements to existing features, and we have some amazing new features in the works for 2014.

Also, we want your feedback on how to make PipelineDeals better! We can’t guarantee that we’ll be able to implement every feature request that we receive in two weeks, but your feedback is invaluable to improving PipelineDeals. Submit your features ideas to our features request forum or email us with your ideas at


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