New PipelineDeals Feature – Shared Filters

At PipelineDeals, we know that the most valuable information in your sales process is often unique to your context. That’s why PipelineDeals enables you to save filters in the list view so you can display and report on the information that is most important to your day-to-day success.

Keeping your team members informed about specific leads or deals is vital to moving your business forward, but this can be a challenging and time consuming. Wouldn’t it be great if you could easily share a filter with a colleague, or make a filter available for the entire company to use?  

You asked and we delivered! We’re excited to announce that Shared Filters is now a reality with PipelineDeals. No more manually recreating filters or discontinuity between your reports. This feature allows you and your team to be on the same page about your deals and leads. Quickly create and share filters to run reports, build custom list views, and get back to winning more deals.

For more information on creating shared filters, watch this helpful video:

At PipelineDeals, we’re always working to make you more efficient so that you can focus on building strong relationships with your contacts and leads. If you have other ideas for features that you want to see in the app, let us know here. And as always, thanks for using PipelineDeals!

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  1. Great update guys!

    • Thanks, Ruben. We’re glad you like the update.

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