SaaS, Not SaaS

SaaS typically refers to Software as a Service. Here at PipelineDeals, we don’t aspire to be just another SaaS company. Our aim is to become the first SaaS company and to change the meaning of SaaS. Here at PipelineDeals, SaaS stands for Service as a Software.

We’re Accessible!
Historically, major software shops have hidden behind buried or unlisted phone numbers. Their message is clear: Software comes first and service comes second. When meeting with software startups and emerging entrepreneurs, we pass along the same key piece of advice that Freshbooks Founder and CEO Mike McDerment gave to us: “Make it easy for your customers to reach you. Put your phone number on your home page.”

You Matter.
Tony Hseih, the CEO of Zappos, considered customer service a marketing expense from the very beginning. Tony’s marketing strategy worked, and he successfully built a billion-dollar ecommerce brand.

People ask us how we’ve grown PipelineDeals with no sales team. “No sales team? Really?” Yes, really! We build a great product and obsessively care for our customers, so we don’t need to rely on aggressive sales strategies to build our business.

The bar for good service is low in SaaS. I would argue that the bar is on the floor. Many of our competitors continue to be ruthless on the sales front, stemming from the “old days” of software. Conversations with the major software companies usually start with them asking, “How much money is in your wallet?” We ask, “How may I help you?”

Thankfully, the days of software sales as a form of highway robbery are numbered. We look forward to helping expedite a new way of selling software.

At PipelineDeals, SaaS means Service as a Software. Taking care of our customers is our first order of business.


  1. Wow. When was the last time I heard that. I haven't had to call but on a few occasions, but when I did your response was the best. It's like I really do matter as a customer. I can say, without exception, that you have given me the best service of any software/online provider I have ever worked with.

    Thanks guys. Keep up the good work.

  2. Hi Lennox,

    Thanks! If you ever have questions, would like feedback on your sales process or just want to say hi, please give us a ring at (866) 702-7303.

    Thanks again for being a PipelineDeals customer.


  3. JP, Nic and Kris
    You guys walk Your talk. I am very impressed with pipeline deals in 2013.
    Of equal value is your custom reports with tags that you can slice and dice While not spending countless hours studying software Only to learn that the people that wrote the software don't understand sales processes.
    Great work keep it up.
    You're destined to make it to the top of the CRM heap.

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