Coming Soon: Reporting Revamp! Retiring Deal Milestone Reports

Reporting is a key feature of a CRM. What’s the point of entering information if you don’t have the ability to analyze it.

Reporting is one of the key features of a CRM. What’s the point of entering information if you don’t have the ability to analyze and view it?

PipelineDeals already offers some great reporting capabilities, and we’re excited to announce the first in a series of changes that will greatly increase and improve the functionality of reporting through the app.

The Deal Milestone Report has been with us since almost the beginning of PipelineDeals. Although it can be used to see the events you have coming up for each deal, we find that it is actually easier and more effective to use other parts of our site to work with your tasks and events. For example, if you go to the calendar tab, you can quickly and easily see all of your tasks and events for the month.

 Better track your deals on your calendar to manage your sales pipeline. 

By clicking the checkboxes at the bottom of the screen, you will be able to see your colleagues’ tasks and events as well! They will be color coded to make it easy to distinguish who is working on what.

 Color code events on your calendar to maximize your sales activity. 

Another way to see a list of all of your tasks and events is via the To Do list. You can access this anytime you’re working with tasks and events, whether it be from the home page, a person, deal or company profile page, or even the calendar tab! Simply click “See all” and it will take you there.

 Analyze your calendar by sales activity. 

 See calendar events in customer profiles. 

 Keep track of all activity on an account in one place. 

Here you can see a list of all of your tasks and events. You can mark them complete, postpone, edit or delete them by clicking their name (1), see their relevant contact information by clicking the contact card (2), and even use the filter sentence at the top to view them based on a certain criteria (3), such as ones due tomorrow assigned to a certain coworker.

 Break down customer milestones by due date. 

Since you can view your tasks and events much more easily and effectively using the methods described above, we will be retiring the Deal Milestone Report this Thursday, March 7th.

There are several new features and improvements on the way as part of our Reporting Revamp, so keep an eye out on our blog for more exciting announcements. Thanks for using PipelineDeals, and as always, please be sure to let us know what you think!

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