New report to track and manage sales activity!

In our previous blog post, we mentioned some upcoming reporting improvements, and we weren’t kidding around. We’re very excited to announce a special new report that will help you track activity trends for your team.

We call it the Activity Scoreboard and it will become your go-to report to track your team’s activity.

This simple and powerful report will help you answer questions like:

  • How many activities did my team create last month and how much business did we close?
  • Did we make more cold calls this month or last month?
  • Is our new employee picking up steam and contributing more?
  • Which activity are driving more won business, Cold Calls or Face-to-Face appointments?

Here is how it works:

The Activity Scoreboard can be found in the Reports tab. When you visit the report, you will be presented with a simple sentence filter to change what the chart displays. The default view will show you all activities you have permission to see. As an Executive user or Manager, you’ll be able to view everything for your team for all time. The custom date range selector will make it easy to review any previous date range so you can compare previous performance.

On the right side of the report you will find the familiar Simple and Advanced Toggles as well as the option to select columns. Every activity category will be in the view by default, but you can remove non-essential categories if you want to measure specific types of sales activity. For example you could choose to look at a chart for your whole team’s Cold Calls, Re-Calls, and Appointments for the last month.

Below the chart, you will find a table for all the users in your account. This table will total the number of activities as well as the total value of Deals actually closed and lost for the filtered date range.

Finally, you can save your favorite filters using the the advanced option.

We hope this new report helps provide your team valuable insight into the sales activities that drive won business.

Happy selling!

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  1. can you export the activty scorecard?

  2. Hi Teresa,

    Right now there's a CSV export on the report and we plan to support a PDF option in the future.

    We hope this helps a bit!


  3. How come your first print screen shows 8 report categories? My pipeline deals only shows 4. Dashboard, ROI, Activity Report, and Activity Scoreboard. I really want a source report to track where leads are coming from and a custom report tab. Did you take those away?

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