Building the future: Apprenticeships

On my first day at Comcast, my first post-university job, I was handed Agile Web Development With Rails and told to learn it

I learned web development via an apprenticeship with Comcast, though it was not called an apprenticeship. On my first day at Comcast, my first post-university job, I was handed Agile Web Development With Rails and told to learn it. A month or two later, I was taking my first fledgling flights, contributing real code to the project. Each step of the way, I was guided by experts who had been honing their craft for decades.

What an exhilarating way to learn! I had two Bachelors degrees in Engineering Science and Electrical Engineering, but my coding experience was slight. And while I still believe my university education helped expand my mind and teach me to think, I truly believe that apprenticeship taught me the actual art of Computer Science far better than a traditional Comp Sci degree would have. Even more awesome, I was paid to learn, instead of the reverse!

Someday, PipelineDeals would love to be able to offer an official apprenticeship program. Why?

  • We believe that an apprenticeship could be an excellent complement to (or even areplacement for, depending on the field) a traditional bachelor’s degree.
  • We like to think that we’ve tapped into a pretty great way of producing quality software; a way that’s proven to work more effectively than the strategies (or lack thereof) often taught in traditional learning institutions.
  • Creating an apprenticeship program around our process would help us improve it, and then produce workers who have tremendous insight and ability to work within & improve it further.

Interested in exploring an apprenticeship at PipelineDeals? Drop us a line at

We’re excited to see other companies rediscover this often overlooked education path. P’unk Ave, a Philadelphia-based web development company, recently announced a six-month apprenticeship program that they’ll offer on an ongoing basis. Apprentices will work full-time with P’unk Ave and be compensated $2000 per month. Bravo, P’unk Ave!

What are your thoughts on apprenticeship? Could it be an effective way to train eager learners the best way to sell something? If you’ve heard of other companies offering apprenticeships, we’d love to hear about them! Let us know in the comments.

Image credit: National Archives and Records Administration, cataloged under the ARC Identifier (National Archives Identifier) 558535.

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