Native iPhone App for Our Customers is Here!

the new PipelineDeals app, you can enjoy a faster, more intuitive
experience when accessing your PipelineDeals account on your iPhone.
This app is entirely free, part of our ongoing commitment to providing
unlimited mobile access at no extra charge.

Now it’s easier than ever to keep selling wherever you go:

  • Stay informed with a quick view of your entire pipeline.
  • Keep deals current and moving forward.
  • Never forget a name with streamlined access to contacts.
  • Document your activities in real time.
  • Manage your agenda to make every minute count.
  • Turn on Push Notifications and never miss another appointment.

Download it now from the App Store!

You can quickly return to the main menu anytime by clicking the menu button…

When reviewing your Agenda, People, Deals or Companies you can always filter them by owner…

Turn on Push Notifications and stay on top of your agenda…

All changes you make on your iPhone sync instantly to your PipelineDeals account.

you like what you see, please let us know and rate our app. We plan to
zealously support and improve it based on your feedback.


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