Enhanced List Views are <strike>coming</strike> here!

get a lot of feature requests and one thing we’ve been hearing for a
long time is a need for more robust reporting. Some teams want to target
lead lists more accurately and others need the ability to combine Deal
information with Company details in a single view.

The bottom line is, you should be able to organize and view your data exactly how you want to.

organize your data so it makes sense with PipelineDeals

decided to address this need and take it a step further. Today, we’re
very excited to announce some very powerful new features for the People,
Deal and Company tabs. We’ve been calling this project “Enhanced List
Views” and it’s going to supercharge how you manage the leads and deals
in your sales pipeline.

There are five key new features:

  1. We’re adding 90+ new column selections in the Deals tab including all Company and Primary Person fields.

  2. We’ve also expanded the selections for the People tab so you can see your Company fields.

  3. A
    new Totals bar at the bottom of all list views will help you report on
    your numeric and currency fields. When you filter a list, the filtered
    total and overall total will update in real time.

  4. We have implemented a beautiful new Print and PDF view for People, Deals and Companies.

  5. The Deals tab now features a Filtered and Pipeline Total so you always know how you are doing.

Here’s how it works:

of all, we’re vastly expanding the selections you can choose from to
include in your default lists. From the Deals tab, you’ll have access to
all your Company fields including the custom ones. You can finally
create a personalized list that joins the Deals in your sales pipeline
and company details associated to them.

list views also harness all the power of in-line editing, activity
recording, sorting and bulk actions. Everything you need will be in one

example, you can create a list of all your Deals and add Company
details like Address, Industry, # of employees, and website. You’ll
never need to bounce back and forth between tabs again.

can even add information about the Deal’s primary contact now. Here’s a
view that includes Deal details, Company information, and Primary
Contact details. After selecting the columns you want to see you can
save the filter and make it your default view. (More about saving filters and default views here.)

is now nested in a slick accordion menu to make it easy to choose what
you need but we’ve added more than just new columns. There is also a
totals bar at the bottom of the list, which will sum all numeric or
currency fields your administrator has set to total. You will see this
on the People, Deal and Company Tabs.

We’re going to be rolling this functionality out over the next week, so be on the lookout!

We look forward to hearing your feedback!


  1. Is it possible to enable ‘scale to fit’ (or ‘fit width’) functionality to PDFs exported from the Deal-List tab? My team prefer to print out the filtered deal lists I create, but at present, the only way to include all columns is to ‘print screen’ every page a deal filter generates (which can be incredibly time consuming given that some deal filters produce 15+ pages… and wasteful since each deal-filter results page = 4 printed pages, so a 10 page deal filter = 40 printed pages!).

    One possible (and perhaps simplest?) solution would be to un-paginate the deal tab filter results. Is this at all possible?

    If not, can Pipeline figure out a way to auto-resize (shrink) the column widths of Exported PDFs to fit within a single printed page (regardless of the number of columns included in the deal filter)?

    p.s. in PDF exports, the columns of some field types are not auto-wrapping (e.g. text fields). The same fields also display "%20" between each word. Perhaps fixing these two bugs will help PDF exports of filtered deal lists fit all columns within a single printed page?

  2. Hi William,

    Thanks for the feedback. There is currently a limitation that will only allow a certain number of fields to display in the Print/PDF view. I like your suggestions and will follow up with my team to see if there is anything we can do to improve this new feature.


  3. Hi William,

    I’m following up regarding your comment. Due to the limited amount of space available in a PDF and Print view we can only display a limited number of columns on your screen. We recommend enabling no more than 10 fields when using this feature.

    Please let us know if you have further questions.


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