New Activity Report in List Views

we're excited to announce the arrival of an enhanced Activity Report in PipelineDeals.

Today, we’re excited to announce the arrival of an enhanced Activity Report in PipelineDeals. The new and improved Activity Report is located in the same location you found the old report. Sign-in to your PipelineDeals account today, navigate to the Reports tab to access your Activity Report and check out the cool new features.

The enhanced Activity Report looks and behaves like the list views you know and love. Use the simple filter to view an overview of all activities, or zoom in close to review one specific type of activity. Are you a manager that wants to analyze your sales team’s phone calls over the past week? Use the simple filter to quickly view activities by category, user name and time frame.

Are you a deal owner who wants a quick summary of all recent activities your team members have taken on a deal? Use the advanced filter to search for deals, companies or people by name, and promptly make an activity report for your next team meeting.

Once you’ve used the filter to find your data and you’re ready to create a report, use the Export button to create a CSV or PDF report of your activities.  

With the new Activity Report, you can slice and dice your activities in endless ways to help your team stay in the know on your hottest deals.

In addition to the powerful filter tools now at your fingertips, the improved Activity Report enables you to save custom filters. Saved filters are a great way to automate your regular reporting and are simple to use. To save a filter, click on the Advanced filter in the Activity Report, set your filter and click the Save Filter button. All of your saved filters are conveniently saved in the My Filters button in the Advanced section of the Activity Report.

Want to jump in and comment on some recent activity on a hot deal? Click on the icon in the Conversation column to add your voice without navigating away from your Activity Report. It’s fast and easy to add new comments using the new Conversation icon in the Activity Report.

We know you are going to love the enhanced Activity Report. As always, we appreciate your feedback on everything we do here at PipelineDeals and we would love to hear what you think about the new report. Thank you for using PipelineDeals to win new deals and rule your world!

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