3 PipelineDeals Enhancements To Save You Time

PipelineDeals is excited to release several functional enhancements to improve filtering, email links, and adding addresses in the app.

We love tinkering under the hood at PipelineDeals to make the app faster, better and stronger. Sometimes the enhancements are invisible – like when our developers improve our database’s response time in order to make the app faster. Other times, the improvements are cosmetic – helping the app to become more beautiful, intuitive and enjoyable to use.

This week, we’re excited to release several functional enhancements to improve filtering, email links, and adding addresses in the app.

Advanced Archived Deal Filtering

Archiving and maintaining a record of your closed deals is critical to conducting historic deal reporting. With the addition of Advanced filtering for Archived Deals, it’s easy to filter on your archived deals and conduct in-depth analysis of your historic actions. To filter on Archived deals, click the Select Columns button in the Deals list view, select Other Fields > Archived, and begin analyzing and reporting on your advanced deals.

PRO TIP – Power users of PipelineDeals archive their closed deals after a set interval to keep their deals list view clear and relevant. With advanced filtering, you can narrow this interval and still report on archived deals from this past quarter or drill down on individual salesperson’s performance at their review. You can even archive your deals right from the list view!

 Filtering on Archived Deals is simple and intuitive!
Filtering on Archived Deals is simple and intuitive!

Email Links Now Open In New Tab

Many users know that PipelineDeals works with your email to track correspondence with your contacts and leads. We made a small enhancement to email links this week that will make you more productive when you email.

Now, when you click on an email link in PipelineDeals, we will open a new compose message box in a new tab, insert your contact’s email address in the TO field and insert PipelineDeals email tracking address in the BCC field. After you send your email, the tab will automatically close and return you to your original tab in PipelineDeals.

NOTE – Don’t want a new tab to open up when you click on an email link? Read this handy article on how to change the email link settings on your PipelineDeals user profile so this doesn’t happen.

AutoComplete Addresses

One great feature of Google Maps is that addresses autocomplete as you type in an address. Autocompleting addresses is a great timesaver and validation tool – and we thought our users should be able to take advantage of this feature in the app!

When you’re adding a new Company or Person in PipelineDeals, the app now uses Google Maps autocomplete feature to complete and validate addresses. It’s a small improvement – but we think it will save you valuable time (and may even put a smile on your face).

If you have suggestions for enhancements that you’d like to see in the app, please submit a request here

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