My Reps Average 370% of Quota – Here’s Why

In this guest post, Kyle Porter, the CEO and co-founder of SalesLoft, tell us about sales information automation software.

Kyle is the CEO and co-founder of SalesLoft, and has been an entrepreneur and sales professional for over a decade. SalesLoft is sales information automation software.

My sales team has been crushing our quotas month-over-month. Here are some of the key insights that have made us successful so far at Salesloft:

1 – Culture First

This is the only thing that I have complete control over. I control who I hire, fire, and promote, and I want to ensure that our company has a great culture.

I focus on hiring people who are in the top 1% of the following categories: positive, supportive, and self-starting. These are our core values and we need to make sure that we’re hiring people who are “punching above their weight class.”

Some of the ways that I do that during the hiring process are to:

1 – Ask questions to get a sense of how ambitious they are. For example, on a scale of 1 to 10, how ambitious are you? Why did you choose to go to the college you attended?

2 – Conduct the “canoe test.” In other words, if they were in a canoe with you for a day, would you push them out? We have all of our sales hires spend time with one of our customer success employees or engineers to conduct the canoe test.

2 – You need to be a human + machine

Salespeople are human. Nowadays though, you need to be more than just an exemplary person. We match people with the best toolsets that we can find to make sure that they have all the advantages they need to sell their best.

3 – Priority, Data, Cadence, Magic

Priority – too many people think of their low-level outbound sales people as expendable. We don’t do that at SalesLoft. We prioritize our team members working on the toughest parts of the sales funnel.

Data – we care a lot about social data at SalesLoft. We rely on LinkedIn data and other social data to make sure we’re selling at our best.

Cadence – it’s important to have a repeatable, consistent, strategy.

Magic – culture is important and we want our culture to come out in our sales process. One of our salespersons uses a meme with a hippo during his sales prospect. It may not be conventional but it’s led to success for him.

4 – Step up to success. Start with easy wins

We think it is important for our new salespersons to have early successes. We start by providing our salespersons with easy sales prospects that have advanced through our sales pipeline. This allows new salespersons the opportunity to have early success, learn the sales process, and step into their role prior to handling a sale from beginning to end.

5 –  Objectives ⇔ Solutions

When you first talk to potential buyers, you need to build urgency by tying objectives with solutions. We coach our salespersons on tying the business objectives of our prospects with the solutions that Salesloft provides.

6 – Transparency and Accountability

We put all of our metrics on screens in our office everyday. It is important to me that all employees know about the health of the business. Additionally, I want to share what activities my team members are taking every week with the rest of the sales staff. This creates friendly competition amongst the entire staff and lets them know which sales staff are performing well and why.

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