Live from Accelerate Sales – Keynote Speaker Matt Heinz

On the blog, we present Matt Heinz, whose keynote is entitled "Building Accelerating and Converting at the Top of your Funnel."

3:56 We’re live again from the Hyatt at Olive 8 with Matt Heinz, whose keynote is entitled “Building Accelerating and Converting at the Top of your Funnel”

 Matt Heinz speaking at Accelerate Sales.
Matt Heinz speaking at Accelerate Sales.

3:57 Matt says: “Writing and creating content has been foundational for me.”

3:58 “Sell the hole, not the drill. What you sell is not what your customers want to buy. What they want to buy is a better outcome.”

4:00 On diagnostic sales: “Think about when you go to the doctor. The doctor asks you questions that you know the answer to, and he asks them to give you an answer you couldn’t come up with by yourself.”

4:05 “Only two sales stages matter: Believe, and believe in me….The ability to generate interest at the top of your funnel is dependent on that one thing: you need people to believe.”

4:06 While most sales processes focus on buyers who are already seeking solutions, Matt emphasizes two earlier steps: Loosening the status quo and committing to change.

4:08 “Most companies think that they need to engage prospects when they’re ready to buy….but 96 to 97 percent of your prospects don’t want to hear you at that point.”

4:09 Top of the funnel objectives in a nutshell:

  • Listen. You will hear indicators of need if you listen to people all the time. If you hear people who having problems, you can create content that provides solutions for those people. As Matt says: “Create content that is so valuable that people will pay for it.”
  • Influence. Everyone has the ability to be an influencer. Become a trusted advisor, don’t focus on the hard sell, but focus on the creation or sharing of quality content that has people trusting you without trying to get them to buy something. You can connect with people on anything. Show interest in your customer, reference something they care about. Be someone people want to hear from.
  • Engage. Engagement doesn’t mean conversion, it means reciprocation. Ask questions. Find opportunities for prospects to talk to you.

4:23: “I haven’t differentiated between sales and marketing…because you’ve got one customer. You’ve got one customer you’re trying to engage….it’s important to make sure that there is continuity between the two. If marketing tells one story and sales tells another, then all that tells your customer is that you don’t know what you’re doing.”

4:25 “When marketing starts to feel that terror at the end of the month just like sales, then you know it’s working.”

4:26 Four steps to a better plan:

  • Do the math. Quantify what success means. 
  • Create a clear customer profile. What do they care about? What is their hole to your drill? “I have yet to meet a building that writes a check. People make decisions.” Part of understanding the client is understanding the admins and other supports to the power structure.
  • Map the sales and buying process. The buying process usually doesn’t mirror your sales process, individual clients have individual processes.
  • Plan to fire lots of bullets. Know that a majority of what you’re doing isn’t going to work. “It’s a sales funnel, not a sieve.” Fire lots of bullets to find the target, then build a cannon. If you start with the cannon, you may miss the target. Allow for failure

4:32 “Good product isn’t about product. It’s about people and problems.”

4:33 Understand your prospects:

  • Who/what are your targets? Understand the ecosystem and understand the best way to engage with them.
  • What do they care about? What outcome are they seeking? Buyers move from problem/pain to their objective/outcome. In your proposal, if you only provide the solution, they may not see the problem or the objective that the solution is there to resolve. Start with the problems and the objectives, then discuss solution.

4:38 “I often hear, ‘How often can I send email to my prospects?’ I don’t know, how good is your content?” Focus on creating or curating content that people look forward to in order to build credibility.

4:42 Five recommendations:

  • Know your customer better. Know what they value.
  • Audit your content. Make sure that you are creating or curating credible content.
  • Prioritize early buyer stages. The top of the funnel isn’t qualified.
  • Establish key metric baselines and goals. Know where the target is.
  • Develop systems, processes and habits to execute consistently. Stay consistent, or risk the slippery slope.

4:49 That’s a wrap from the Hyatt at Olive 8 for today! Join us again tomorrow for more fantastic teaching moments from our incredible speakers.

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