Live from Accelerate Sales – Craig Rosenberg

In this blog post, Craig Rosenberg, a master of content creation, lays out his thoughts on the seven best sales practices at high growth companies.

10:10 Now we’re on to the next keynote speaker! Craig Rosenberg is a master of content creation whose keynote is entitled: “7 Sales Best Practices of High Growth Companies.”

10:13 Fun (and scary!) fact: A Bengal Tiger attacked a spirit rally at Craig’s high school, and Craig lived to tell the tale.

10:18 “People don’t buy Lego. They buy the ability to build the Millennium Falcon.” People want to be able to accomplish something amazing. They aren’t looking to buy the product, they’re looking to buy the end result.

10:21 In the excitement at looking for the next big thing, we often forget about fundamentals. Solution-centric sales is an old technique, but it’s crucial.

10:23 Make sure to map how your buyers want to buy and craft your sales process to suit their buying process.

10:28 100% of top performers execute discovery before demo. It’s crucial to find out what buyers need by analyzing:

  • Objectives. What the potential buyer wants to accomplish.
  • Challenges. What stands in the way of the accomplishing these objectives?
  • Implications. What will happen for them if they can achieve their objectives?

10:34 More effective demos are focused only on three or four things that solve problems for customers. Don’t play “demo roulette” by throwing features at a client and hoping something sticks.

10:36 “A demo is not successful unless both sides agree on a tangible next step.”

10:41 “White Gloves Trials” are more successful than free for all trials. Here’s how to handle it.

  • Day 1 – Onboarding Call. Reiterate the client’s needs, share best practices for the client’s vertical. Answer questions and summarize at the end.
  • Day 3 – Status Check #1. Collect feedback from client, understand what they will evaluate next.
  • Day 10 – Status Check #2. As with Status Check #1.
  • Day 30 – Final Read-out. Address final concerns. Walk through the purchasing process, document process from here to closing.

10:50 Close plans that are mutually agreed upon with set deadlines and clear goals win deals.

10:52 And that’s a wrap for Craig’s keynote! Thank you for joining us live at Accelerate Sales, we are breaking for the breakout sessions and will be live again for the next keynote at 1.

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