Live from Accelerate Sales – Jack Daly

This blog post highlight's keynote speaker at Accelerate, Jack Daly who spoke to the conference about "Hyper Sales Growth."

9:05AM Good morning! We’re settling into the main ballroom here at the Hyatt at Olive 8 in Seattle, Washington. Our first speaker of the day is Jack Daly, whose keynote is entitled “Hyper Sales Growth.”

9:13 Two foundations:

  • Systems and Processes. Sports team coaches know you need a playbook to perform successfully, yet sales managers don’t. Preparation, practice, and a plan are crucial.
  • Leverage. How do I make more money with less work? “If you don’t have an assistant, you are one.” Be deliberate and do only that which is directly related to your job.

9:17 Entrepreneurial insight is crucial. Can you detail out what your business looks like in the future? Have a vision and share it with the company. Key people in key spots.

9:23 “In most businesses, the most important person is the sales manager. Sales management increases sales, sales increase profits.

9:25 Three sins of sales: CEO/Owner/Entrepreneur also wears the hat of the sales manager. Make best sales person into the sales manager. Make sales managers still sell just like reps.

9:28 Four crucial aspects of culture by design: 

  • Recognition systems.
  • Communication systems.
  • Personal and professional development.
  • Empowered decisions.

9:32 Track performance, analyze performance, and discuss performance, both individually and in groups.

9:33 Hire slowly. Fire quickly. Free your top performers to perform without being weighed down by low performers.

9:37 How to recruit top salespeople:

  • You need a list of top sales people. Minimum of 15.
  • Go outside of your industry. You can teach a top performer your industry, you can’t teach a low performer who knows the industry how to be a top performer.
  • Have a long courting process. “The best salespeople I’ve hired were happy where they were and not looking for change when contact began.” Life happens, you need to get to someone before they want to change.
  • You cannot find good salespeople until you define what a top salesperson looks like for you.
  • Recruit for skills, hire for attitude. You can teach skills, you can’t teach attitude.

9:47 Accessing Rare Air in Sales: 

  • “Help customers with their needs, opportunities and problems, even if it means that it isn’t you.”
  • “Ask questions and listen. People do not want to be sold. Stop selling and help people to buy.”
  • “When you care more about the customer than you do about the sell, you will sell more than anyone else out there.”
  • “Trust trumps price all day long.”

9:52 How to achieve goals:

  • Put your goals in writing.
  • Have a plan.
  • System of measurement. Measure your goals in order to see when you get there.
  • System of accountability. Have people who hold you accountable.

9:55 Inspect your “baskets”:

  • Prospects: Who are your best prospects? What is stopping them from becoming a customer?
  • Customers: Who are your best customers? What is stopping them from becoming a repeat client?
  • Clients: Who are your best clients? How do we keep them happy?
  • “Other” (aka Influencers): Stay in contact with people who may never buy from you but whose voice may make the difference between a won and a lost sale.

10:02 What Jack learned from the Kona Ironman:

  • The Power of the Vision. Have a plan and a vision, and be unrelenting in pursuing it.
  • The Importance of a Playbook. Understand the systems and processes needed to succeed.
  • Measure. Measure your success as well as your failures.
  • Practice. You will never succeed without it.
  • The Importance of a Coach. No one person knows everything, and it only makes you stronger to have outside advice. Do not go it alone. Other people have already figured it out.
  • Proper Nutrition and Fitness. If you don’t replenish and take care of yourself physically, it will take a toll mentally.
  • Attitude. There is no such thing as a job or high-pressure situation that doesn’t cause mental distress. You need to find ways to cope, find positive ways to view tough situations, because you will never not have tough situations.

10:08 That’s a wrap for Jack Daly! Thank you Jack, for encouraging us to find and beat our own personal Ironman, whatever that may be.

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