Live from Accelerate Sales: PipelineDeals Roadmap

2:03 We’re live from Hyatt at Olive 8 to talk about ourselves for a bit! David Baars and Elizabeth Doherty will be talking a bit about PipelineDeals product history and where we’re moving in the future.

2:05 Near Team Product Roadmap: We will be bringing email more directly into PipelineDeals. Currently, you can send trackable email and see reports on email success. Soon, Email Insights will allow you to receive your email in your PipelineDeals app and view deal details directly next to the content of the email itself, allowing you to better prioritize the way you handle incoming email.

2:08 Automations are currently live for Accelerator users, allowing you to save time and streamline your process. “It’s about making your playbook built right in to your CRM.”

2:10 Goal for reporting: On demand reporting on data from the app. Since every sales process is different, there’s no way to build into the app every single kind of report our customers need. In order to address this, our integrations with Excel and Google Sheets allow for customized reporting and dashboards. 

2:12 That being said, here are some planned reports that will be built in to PipelineDeals soon: Forecasted Pipeline, Pipeline by Source, Volume of deals by stage, Sales by individual, team, and company.

2:13 Now here’s JP Werlin here to discuss our plans coming up for 2016.

2:14 Product themes heading into 2016:

  • Become Mission Critical.
  • More focus on user productivity, turning one rep into five.
  • We will work harder for you. Remove data entry from your day, automatically log activity, and make phone calls and log them as activities, all from the app.
  • Automations are the new Integrations. API call level integrations that are intricate, base-level connections.
  • Connecting to where you are every day. Connecting to QuickBooks, Office 365, and Google for Work are planned for the future. We’re already integrated with Google Contacts, Calendar, Gmail and Sheets. Google Drive and Hangouts are next!
  • Stop Guessing and Start Knowing. Real-Time Notifications. A pre-prioritized Smart Agenda.
  • Be Smarter About Your Business. Data analytics based on your sales history.

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