3 Blog Posts For Growth Oriented Salespeople

The most effective salespeople are sponges for new sales knowledge.

 Succeeding in sales means seizing your goals

The most effective salespeople are sponges for new sales knowledge. They constantly seek to improve their skills and become more effective in all aspects of their professional life.

To help you gain an edge in your career, we’ve gathered together three top posts to help you improve your social selling presence on LinkedIn, avoid common sales mistakes, and build a foundation for a sales process.

(1) – Five Goals Your LinkedIn Profile Should Achieve

The buying process has changed considerably in the past decade but at least one thing has remained constant. People buy from people that they like. If someone looks at your LinkedIn profile today and researches your company, what will they find out?

Recruitment and B2B Sales Expert Chris Carlson shares 5 goals that your LinkedIn profile should achieve to successfully sell yourself and your company. Click Here to Read the Full Article

(2) – Five Common Sales Mistakes That Squander Leads

Nothing is more frustrating than losing out on a deal that you should have won. Whether its’ poor usage of your time, being rude to an influencer at a business, or focusing solely on your own needs, the most common sales mistakes that we see can easily be avoided.

Find out the most common sales mistakes and how to avoid them with this post. Click Here to Read the Full Article

(3) – The Five Essential Building Blocks of Sales Process

We get it – sales process is the broccoli of the sales world. It’s also the foundation of a healthy business. Building a strong sales process will translate into revenue for your company, a more engaged sales force, and higher compensation for your salespeople.

Whether you are building a sales process for the first time or looking to re-tool your existing process, find out the five essential building blocks of a successful sales process. Click Here to Read the Full Article

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