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4 Tips for CRM Productivity in Commercial Lending

Here are four tips for CRM productivity in commercial lending. Here’s our insight into how the top performing SVPs and Chief Lending Officers gain a clear picture of their sales pipeline.

CRM productivity in commercial lending

In the Commercial Lending space there are few things VPs dread more than updating their pipeline data for review. Visibility into what VPs are doing can be something of a black box. This is true at institutions managing less than $1B in assets. The lack of a core system or other complex (and expensive) software often leads to a world filled with spreadsheets and limited visibility.

Productive SVPs and Chief Lending Officers recognize that there is a balance between the information they need and the perceived level of effort to get that information. Finding that balance can be challenging.  

There are several best practices to consider when finding that balance. Here are four tips to reach CRM productivity in commercial lending.

1. Stick with a CRM you’ll actually use.

Whether you offer a full portfolio of lending options or simply focus on SBA, a simple CRM solution is ideal. You should be able to customize loan types. The CRM should allow lenders to select and customize fields.

Simplicity extends to reporting. A CRM should give you the ability to parse loans by amount, origination date, expected close, and loan type is critical. 

2. Mobile = CRM productivity in commercial lending.

CRM productivity in commercial lending

Lenders are not always behind a desk. When you are out in the field you should be able to view prospect data and make updates at anytime.

With the right mobile CRM, lenders can even collaborate in real time when handling a difficult situation.


3. CRM Customer support is important.

As a financial institution, you don’t have time to figure out technical issues should they arise. The number one reason lenders stop using systems is lack of support during these emergency moments. Top performing SVPs want to oer their team a CRM that is backed by great customers service and support. It is critical to get the insights you need to do your job with the least amount of downtime.

4. So is security.

When considering CRM productivity in commercial lending, ensure the CRM offers the latest in security for the data being housed? In today’s world, a SOC-2 report should be a requirement before exploring a tool further.  In fact, most financial institutions will require this in order to even evaluate a vendor.

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