5 Great Resources for Running Your Construction Business

By Zen Newman, Marketing Analyst at PipelineDeals

 Resources to manage the business end of your contracting business

Here at PipelineDeals, many of our customers are contractors. From painters to roofers, we know there are few industries as competitive as that of specialty contractors. With all the competition, the business owners we’ve had the pleasure of working with go to great lengths to stay ahead and keep their business growing.

What’s stunning today is just how much information contractors need to keep up on to make their business grow. It’s no longer enough to be good at your trade. Today, leaders in the world of contracting need to be knowledgeable in sales, marketing, and changing technology trends.

Since contractors are a busy breed who, more often than not, can be found in their trucks and on their smartphones, we thought we’d do some of the heavy lifting by compiling this round-up of must read blogs. We’ve traveled the country talking with contractors, and these are five resources that came up again and again. We hope you enjoy!


 American Painting Contractor

APC is an online magazine dedicated to all things painting. From mold removal to sales and safety, this publication runs the gamut of what a painter needs to know to be a professional at their trade and successful in their business. While focused primarily on painting, this publication has loads of value for contractors across the building trades.

We’ve seen again and again that the contractors we work with are hungry for information on what they can do to structure their sales and marketing efforts to help them grow. The beauty of this information is that it often translates between types of contractors, making APC a must read for anyone trying to get better at running their contracting business.


 inPaint Magazine

Another painting publication that carries over well to other contractors, InPaint deserves as much credit as APC for covering the full length of the industry. Where it comes into its own and differentiates itself from APC however, is in its Tech Edge section. Here, InPaint offers forward-looking pieces that examine the impact of digital trends on the construction industries.

From apps that make remote work easier while on the job site to business systems that alter and improve the way the entire business runs, technology is radically changing the technology sector. There’s no shortage of technology blogs on the web, but InPAINT has the advantage of looking at it from a contractor focus. Mastering this emerging part of the construction industry is essential to differentiate yourself from the competition with greater efficiency and customer care.


 National Roofing Contractors Association

Focusing on the roofing industry, the NRCA provides a wealth of knowledge on how the construction sector, and roofing contractors specifically, can better manage their businesses. From technical information about advances in roof technology to detailed updates on regulation and insurance, the NRCA is a publication that provides information contractors need to be operationally awesome.

From the NCRAs website, you can access a broad range of in-depth content from their bookstore to upcoming webinars. These resources provide an excellent way to take a deeper dive into important subjects that just aren’t available by reading blog posts.


 DYB Coach

DYB offers a full range of consulting and education services for contractors looking to make their business grow. In addition to their paid services, DYB maintains a wonderful blog covering topics related to business growth strategies and sales. With articles on selling, organization and strategy, BYB offers construction entrepreneurs information that goes beyond simple ‘how to’ advice, instead looking at how to lead a business with intent and vision.

There a ton of so-called ‘high-level strategic advice’ out there that turns out to be baloney, so we were excited when we found this one. Its focus on helping business owners make major differences in their companies through actionable advice on how to manage their day and sales process is great input for anyone learning to run a business.


 Summit Services

Summit Services offers a full range of consulting and coaching services to contractors across the country. With years of experience in the construction industry, their consulting services offer invaluable wisdom to companies looking to align their sales and operations to maximize business effectiveness.

In addition to their consulting services, Summit Services’ blog covers topics ranging from hiring practices to establishing a business plan. Whether you go for their paid services or limit yourself, to perusing their blog, they offer insights that are valuable for entrepreneurs at any level of experience.

Contractors have the double conundrum of being in an industry that is being rapidly changed by technology and spending too much time on the road, in front of customers and on the job site. All this hustle makes it tough to keep up and pivot with the latest changes in the industry. At PipelineDeals, we live and breath these challenges alongside contractors. That’s why we work tirelessly to deliver software that will do the heavy lifting for you.

Just like our software, we aim to be a resource for contractors that are out they’re ‘doing the stuff’ every day. We hope that by providing information on how to market, sell and grow a business, we’re helping you building something that you can be proud of.