5 Tips to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

By Lisa DeYoung – Account Executive

Your LinkedIn profile is your opportunity to publicly display your professional skills and experiences. Whether you use LinkedIn as a way to get noticed by potential employers, or as a way to build your professional network, showcasing your expertise is important.

It’s no secret that recruiters and hiring managers use LinkedIn to find prospective candidates. Many employers look at your LinkedIn profile along with your resume and cover letter when you’re considered for a job.

One of the biggest boosts you can give your LinkedIn profile is adding key words. Employers use key word searches in LinkedIn to scan for specific qualifications.

At PipelineDeals, our business centers on helping our customers be more successful. We encourage you to take advantage of LinkedIn to showcase your skills and experience. Maximizing your LinkedIn profile will help you make connections and up your professional game.

Here are our top 5 tips for improving your LinkedIn profile.

1 – Maximize the power of  your job titles.

The job title character limit in LinkedIn is set at 100 characters – use this room to fit in as many appropriate key words as possible. For example, add variations of your job titles to make yourself more searchable. If your job title is Vice President of Sales, optimize your job title with the addition of key words. List your job title as Vice President of Sales | Director of Sales | Account Executive so that your profile will show up in more searches.

2 – Take advantage of LinkedIn’s built-in improvement recommendations.

LinkedIn makes suggestions for ways to improve your profile. What better place to get advice than from the source? Following LinkedIn’s recommendations is a no-brainer for improving the power of your profile.

3 – Expand beyond just your name and job title in your profile headline.

Create a headline that better describes who you are and what you can do for a company. Take advantage of this space to work-in extra key words.

4 – Avoid dated buzzwords.

Replace words like “results oriented, team player, self-starter, multitasking” with action words. Here is an example of a few great action words:  “administered, built, implemented”.

5 – Get endorsed.

Endorsements are a place for your connections to endorse what’s in the Skills & Expertise section of your profile. Endorse your connections and ask them to do the same for you. This will give more weight to the areas in which you claim to shine.

What are some of the strategies that you’ve used to improve your LinkedIn profile? Do you use LinkedIn to prospect for new customers? If you do, you may also be interested in learning about our LinkedIn CRM Contact Importer.

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Lisa is a Customer Ambassador at PipelineDeals and a graduate of Washington State University. Prior to joining PipelineDeals, Lisa spent 8 years working in the wine industry.

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