5 Tips For Onboarding New Salespeople to Your CRM

 Training sales reps on how to use your CRM is a critical step in onboarding.
Training sales reps on how to use your CRM is a critical step in onboarding.

Great sales managers know that the first 90 days for their new team members are critical. Whether you’re training a new account executive or spinning up a new sales development rep, it’s important to onboard new salespeople quickly to enable them to be successful.

One area of training that is often overlooked is how to use your CRM. Even if you utilize an easy-to-learn CRM like PipelineDeals, the processes and practices that your team uses are unique. Below are 5 tips for successfully onboarding new salespeople to your CRM.

1 – Focus On Developing Good Habits

New salespeople learn a lot in their first few weeks on the job. When you introduce a new salesperson to your CRM, start small and focus on the value that the CRM provides for the team and the business. Do not assume that your salespeople will know why your business is using CRM just because they’ve been exposed to one in the past.

PipelineDeals Pro-Tip #1 – Focus on adding activities, tasks, and events

In our experience, it’s best to focus your new salespeople on developing one or two habits in the app to start. We suggest that you focus your new salesperson on recording their activities, and scheduling their tasks and events. Developing a discipline around scheduling and note taking in the app will help your new salesperson stay organized around their primary responsibilities as a salesperson.

PipelineDeals Pro-Tip #2 – Show your salesperson the support resources.

Even the best onboarding programs cannot cover every function in a CRM. Your onboarding program should focus on the essentials for your business. Show your new salespeople where they can access tips, support articles and videos, and provide them with the support line for your CRM. Remember – phone and email support is free if you use PipelineDeals.

 Make sure new sales people are familiar with the support resources offered by your CRM

2 – Share Filters and Reports

Every sales organization has a unique way of looking at their data. Some businesses want to be able to see a name, phone number, and nothing else. Other businesses need to be able to see highly specialized custom fields. Help your new salespeople understand what data is most important by sharing filters with them.

PipelineDeals filters let you view specific reports on your leads and ongoing deals. Filters are especially valuable for new employees because it helps them make sense of all the data that’s stored in a CRM. Create a filter to guide your new sales development reps in their day-to-day activities as their getting started, and share a filter with your new salespeople so that they understand the metrics you’re utilizing to measure their performance.

PipelineDeals Pro-Tip – 3 Filter Features Every Salesperson Should Use

3 – Set Goals

Salespersons are often given clear goals for how much sales they’re expected to make in a given month. On the other hand, they’re usually not given clear and measurable goals for how they’re expected to use a CRM. In actuality, usage of a CRM and sales goals are closely linked to one another.

It is important to articulate clear goals for how a new salesperson is expected to use a CRM in their sales process, and why the company is using a CRM to begin with.

 You can create goals in PipelineDeals under the Goals tab, or create goals using goal setting software like Perform.io
You can create goals in PipelineDeals under the Goals tab, or create goals using goal setting software like Perform.io

For example, at PipelineDeals we closely evaluate our salesperson’s activities. Our salespeople analyze what activities are driving our sales, and set goals for the department around those activities. Whenever we onboard a new salesperson, we discuss how our sales process has evolved and why we use certain actions.

4 – Start With Some Quick Wins

Getting started in a new sales role is tough. Kyle Porter, the CEO of Salesloft, suggests that new salespersons be given some quick wins early in their employment. Salesloft provides new salespersons with easy sales prospects that have advanced through their sales pipeline and will be closing soon. As their team members gain confidence, they walk them backwards through their sales process until their reps are handling sales from beginning to end.

Starting with easy wins for salespeople serves several purposes. First, it provides new salespeople with early success and helps to bolster their confidence. Next, it helps orient new salespeople around the different stages in your sales pipeline, and helps acquaint them with the most important information to be gathered at each stage in the pipeline. After a few weeks, your new salesperson can handle their part of a sale from beginning to end.

5 – Show Off the Mobile Features

One of the great benefits of modern sales CRM like PipelineDeals is that you can access your CRM from any device that connects to the Internet. One of the first tasks you should complete with your new salesperson is downloading your CRM’s mobile app. PipelineDeals features a free mobile app for iPhone and Android that you can utilize to track your leads and sales pipeline.

Click to download PipelineDeals iPhone or Android apps below:

 PipelineDeals is available in the Apple App Store

 PipelineDeals is available in the Android App Store

What are the strategies and tips that you utilize to onboard new salespeople to your CRM? Please share them with us in the comments section below!

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