5 Sales Hacks to Boost Your Sales Team

By David Baars, Marketing Manager at @PipelineDeals

PipelineDeals is excited to announce that we will be in attendance at Sales Hacker Conference in San Francisco on November 6th. For those who are unfamiliar, Sales Hacker Conference is an all-day event that brings together top sales leaders to share their latest sales strategies and hacks.

In anticipation of the event, we’re sharing 5 key learnings and hacks that we gained from the previous Sales Hacker Conference in Boston. Interested in attending Sales Hacker Conference SF in two weeks? Send us an email at customercare@pipelinedeals.com and we’ll hook you up with a discount code.

 Join the best sales people in the world at Sales Hacker. 

5 Sales Hacks From Sales Hacker to Boost Your Sales Team

1 – Your customers are your best sales channel – shared by Emmanuelle Skala of Influitive

 Referrals are a great way of generating new business.  

Summary – Referrals from happy customers are more likely to buy from you. In fact, they are your best sales channel for creating happy customers with a high lifetime value. Start treating referrals as a valuable piece of your overall sales strategies.

One Hack to Get Started – Ask for referrals during each stage of your sales cycles.


2 – Know how to work with gatekeepers, shared by Jeff Hoffman of MJ Hoffman & Associates

 Work with gatekeepers for best results.

Summary – Not all gatekeepers are created equal. Gatekeepers by design, like Executive Assistants, are valuable extensions of the executives that they serve. These gatekeepers help to set the priorities for what an executive deals with. Work with them, not around them. On the other hand,  volunteer gatekeepers can be a hinderance. Go “wide” with gatekeepers in order to ensure you don’t get blocked.

One Hack to Get Started – Work with your marketing department to put together a resource that can only be accessed by working with you.


3 – Spend time hacking the relationship between marketing and sales, shared by Cece Bazar & Blake Harris, Sales & Growth Strategists at OpenView Venture Partners

 The best teams share growth between sales and marketing

Summary – Conflicts between sales and marketing departments are often caused by tension in the underlying relationship between the two departments. Five key things to keep the departments working harmoniously:

  1. Define the relationship

  2. Learn to speak each other’s language

  3. Be honest

  4. Push each other

  5. Constantly communicate

One Hack to Get Started – host daily scrum meetings with your sales and marketing teams. Take 15 minutes so that sales and marketing know what each other are doing, what’s upcoming, what impediments are there, and what needs to be discussed.

4 – Define the qualities you need from your sales manager upfront before hiring, shared by Matt Bellows of Yesware

 Good communication with your sales manager is essential.

Summary – Great salespeople do not always make great sales managers. Define the top qualities that you need from the salespeople on your team. Some of Matt’s top 10 qualities include: Bravery, Curiosity, and being a little scary.

One Hack to Get Started – write down the top 10 qualities you expect to see out of your sales manager.

5 – Sales development reps (SDRs) are fuel for your company, shared by Kyle Porter of Salesloft

 Have a strategy for going out and finding new business.

Summary – SDR’s are crucial to the success of sales at your company. Prioritize hiring SDRs, provide them with solid onboarding and training, and provide them with proper incentives. Also, aim to hire the top 1% of individuals in their field.

One Hack to Get Started – develop a playbook for success with all reps that you onboard. Refine your playbook for success, and focus on training and onboarding.

If you’re interested in attending Sales Hacker Conference in San Francisco, email us at customercare@pipelinedeals.com for a special discount code.