5 Ideas to Sell Your Team On Using a CRM

In this guest post by Connor High, Customer Ambassador at PipelineDeals, he outlines five ideas to sell your sales team on using a CRM.

By Connor High, Customer Ambassador @pipelinedeals

How you introduce a new CRM to your sales staff is critical. We’ve on-boarded thousands of companies over the past eight years and the most successful companies “sell” a CRM to their salespeople. How you sell your team-members on a CRM can determine if they are successful. In our experience, successful salespeople understand how the software helps them sell better and they understand how their use of the CRM fits into their organization’s sales goals. Unsuccessful salespeople don’t understand the “why” behind using the CRM in their sales process, and view the software as a compliance measure.

If you expect your sales team to fully engage with a new CRM, it’s essential that they understand the ideas that are driving your use of the software. When they don’t see the immediate benefits of the program, it’s easy for engagement to slip and the potential not to be realized.

Below are five ideas you can use to sell your salespeople on using your CRM.

Lead Tracking & Contact Information All In One Place

 Sell the
Sell the “Idea” of CRM and not just features.

One of the most challenging aspects of tracking and following up with leads is simply getting all of your information organized. Without a centralized database of the information related to your contacts and leads, it becomes difficult to remember all the calls that need to be made and when to make them. A sales process can often take weeks to months before it reaches the closing stage. Throughout this sales processes there are calls and meetings that need to be set up at specific points. While marking these appointments on a calendar is a quick and easy reminder, this will not give you any of the background that you have developed with this contact. It can be demanding to try and search out the notes regarding a sale that you took down a month ago. Using a CRM system will link all of this information together giving you a concise overview with a single click.

Plan & Schedule Future Contact

Sales teams rely on calendar notifications to provide reminders about follow up calls that need to be made throughout the week. The last time you spoke to someone, they may have asked you to call them back in two months with a quote or proposal. The calendar functionality within a CRM will allow you to add an entry for this follow up, and give you reminders that you need to touch base with a specific person. After you get the reminder for the call, you can go directly to a contact’s profile, where you will have access to their contact details as well as notes about the interactions you’ve had with them in the past. Once your sales teams sees how convenient it is to have all of this information at their fingertips, they will start utilizing the program more and more.

Report on Your Sales Process

Having a central area to gather data on your deals and leads also ties in with the metrics that a CRM can be used to generate. By simply entering in data for the records being worked on in the account, you give your team the means to report on specific aspects of your sales process. You can tell at which stage your deals seem to lose momentum, and focus more attention on improving your approach. Once you are able to identify and refine the weak areas in your sales, the whole organization will benefit.

Collaborate With Your Sales Team

Another key component of CRM systems is that they allow you to collaborate with other people on the sales team. Adding activities and comments is an easy way to share information regarding a person or deal, and have that conversation saved along with the record. This way, after a few weeks pass, you will easily be able to review any updates and critical information before reaching out to your contact. This will give the conversation a more personal touch that will set your team apart.

Your CRM Customer Care Department Is a Partner In Your Success

Finally, remind your sales team that they can always take advantage of the support that is offered by the system they are using. If there are ever any questions regarding the features or functionality, who better to ask than the team that built the product? Reaching out to a support team will always save time when trying to figure how to use a program. Encourage your salespeople to dig deep with customer care staff. Don’t just ask, “How do I use your software?” Ask, “How can I use your software better than I am now?”

Connor is a 2013 graduate of Skidmore College in New York. When he isn’t creatively solving problems for PipelineDeals users, Connor enjoys music, hiking, traveling, and westerns.

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