Email Features to Up Your Sales Game

PipelineDeals just released a series of six updates for their email integration, Connect, which let’s you send trackable emails from your CRM. Learn how these updates will help you get more from your email.

On a daily basis, the average person receives no less than 121 emails. It’s no wonder we’ve all been conditioned to be choosy about which emails to click on and which to ignore. As a salesperson, you need to maximize the chance your email connects with your buyer.

That’s why we’re excited to announce updates to Connect, the email integration for PipelineDeals, to help you connect with more customers. These  6 awesome new features were all suggested by customers to help improve salespeople be more strategic, improve open rates and optimize delivery. In other words, these updates will help you send emails that actually get read!

1. Add a Personal Touch in your Subject lines using Merge Tags

75% of your success hinges on your subject line. It’s what gets you to click on news articles, buy magazines, and… open emails. Now you can personalize your email subject lines en masse. The merge tags accepted are: first name, last name, work email and company name.

2. Compare which campaigns are most effective using the “Export” feature.

Now you can export any list you create within your Connect tab.  This was requested by many of you that wanted to leverage our powerful Excel and Google Sheet integration to run custom reports outside of what the Analytics reports display using the valuable data your email captures. One idea is to run campaign comparison reports.

Email Features to Up Your Sales Game

3. Retry Failed Emails

Emails are only effective if they actually make it to your client’s inbox! Sometimes email fails to make it to the inbox because a server is down, or there is some other unexpected error. Now you can easily find emails that didn’t make it to the recipient and individually resend them to make sure everyone has received your email.

Email Features to Up Your Sales Game

4. Reply to Sent Emails

Have you ever sent an email, and then wanted to follow-up to that message without waiting for a reply to “thread” the message and include the conversation history?  Now you can! Just click into a sent email and you’ll have the option to reply, reply all or forward your sent email.

Email Features to Up Your Sales Game

5. Ignoring now has an “undo” option!  

Now when you ignore sender, whether it’s your mom who’s always sending you recipes that you don’t want to get at work, or a lame joke from an old high school buddy, or something you thought was Spam, but now aren’t so sure… you now have a way to quickly review and even undo this setting.

To review ignored senders from the inbox, click on the Manage Ignored Senders link (see below).

Email Features to Up Your Sales Game

Email Features to Up Your Sales Game


6. Quick Template Search Bar

If you have many saved email templates, scrolling to find the one you want can be a big waste of time. Let’s stop that silliness, shall we?  Now when you’re composing an email, you can use the new auto-fill search bar to type in the name of the template you want, and it will narrow your results for you! Easy as pumpkin pie.

Email Features to Up Your Sales Game


We’re excited to share these new updates from Connect with you. If you have additional feedback on feature enhancements, please share your feedback with us!