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7 Reasons to Retreat: Our Summit on Bainbridge

Our PipelineDeals team hopped on a ferry to cross Seattle’s Puget Sound to hit shores of beautiful Bainbridge island for our annual Summit retreat. Like every year, we were reminded of the valuable reasons to retreat.

Reasons to Have a Company Retreat

We’ve traveled as team to beautiful locations over the past seven years. We kicked off Summit in 2012 in Aspen. Since then we’ve gone to international destinations like Costa Rica and in gorgeous locations around the States like Jackson Hole, Boulder and Santa Barbara. This year we gathered everyone to meet in one of the most beautiful cities in the world – yes, we may be biased – Seattle.  In the end, Bainbridge’s Island Wood, downtown restaurant scene and scenic Pacific Northwest hiking trails proved to be ideal Summit spaces for a few days.

The ferry boat ride to Bainbridge Island, Washington.
The ferry boat ride to Bainbridge Island, Washington.

7 Reasons to Retreat: Summit on Bainbridge

After years of getting together, we can all agree planning a company getaway isn’t just for start-ups.  Every business can make it part of their company culture and should.

In honor of seven successful Summits, here are seven reasons we think a retreat is a great idea for your company.

1. A company retreat gets everyone focused

One of the easiest ways to galvanize employees to work toward a shared goal is by organizing a company retreat – especially at a growing company. It’s no secret that organizations with various departments naturally build their own silos. When running a growing company, these departmental silos can create barriers.

A company retreat helps break those barriers through activities and events in a relaxed setting. It’s a great way to get the people focused and dedicated to one cause.

2. A company retreat exposes hidden talents

We found out our sales associate Leif can play guitar, our content writer Erika can rap, our customer success manager Liz knows her trivia. The wonderful thing we’ve found during each of our Summits over the years is that our Pipeliners are super talented. Summit has been a opportunity to show off those talents that don’t necessarily apply to a job role. Getting to know your co-workers is fun.


3. A company retreat allows for quality face time

Much of our team is based in Seattle. During our yearly Summit, we’re always excited to reconnect with the rest of the Pipeliner team. We’ve got our East Coast Pipeliners and our developers who are based in Europe, Canada and Central America.  Summit is that once-a-year opportunity to get real face time. Bringing everyone to one place to work on a fun project makes everyone feel connected.

4. A company retreat builds game changing relationships

The core of why PipelineDeals even exists is that we help companies build game changing relationships. Without relationships, we wouldn’t be anywhere.  That stands in all facets of life, right? When it comes to business, all know it can be a challenge to build relationships to their full potential in an office setting. When we interact at work, we usually need something for getting our jobs done. Summit has been a relaxing way for us to talk about life outside work, eat good food, take in the local sights and have a drink together. In the end, we continue to strengthen communication, trust and appreciation for all members of the team.

5. A company retreat is a chance to make decisions and hack new ideas

Many companies find it is better to have an in-person gathering to figure out important, company-wide decisions. Company retreats are a great way to do that.  It’s also a chance to hear out new ideas for the company.  At our Summit on Bainbridge we had an idea hack-a-thon where we separated our team into groups.  Each team had a mission to complete a pitch for a potential service or product related to our company goals.  The ideas and creativity were impressive and achieved points one to four above.

6. A company retreat improves morale

For some employees, the routine every day can be uninspiring. Studies show that a retreat breaks up that routine we all face in the business world to some degree.  A short and inspiring break from the norm helps to rejuvenate employees which in the end boosts morale. High morale often equals higher retention rates!

7. A company retreat shows you value your team

It takes dedication, time and effort to truly plan a successful company retreat.  Spending the resources to put one together shows you value your team. Secondly, it’s an opportunity to call out and recognize employees that have gone above and beyond.  Our company culture is fueled by YEOMANS Core Values. During Summit, we recognize our YEOMAN of the Year. We also recognize a team member who has exemplified team spirit at Summit.

Why have a company retreat?

After seven years of doing this, we’ve see the benefits! Keep all of this in mind whether you need to accomplish team building or gather great ideas internally – there are wonderful reasons to retreat. It’s a PipelineDeals event we all look forward to each spring.

Does your company hold a similar Summit event like PipelineDeals? Does your company have great reasons to retreat?

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