8th Light Increases Sales with PipelineDeals

 8th Light uses PipelineDeals as their CRM

We live to help our clients hit the ground running. 8th Light is a custom software consultancy with plenty of rapid deployments on their plate without worrying about their CRM. After a lightning fast roll out of their new CRM system, they were back to closing deals and deploying custom software.

Get the case study here and see how they got back to business.

PipelineDeals is simple, clear, and concise. It’s not bogged down with a lot of extra noise. It was very difficult to get compliance with previous tools. Now we’re capturing all the information we need in one system that’s easy to access. That in and of itself is transformative.

— – Margaret Pagel, 8th Light VP of Sales and Marketing

When 8th Light made the decision to change CRM platforms, they were already in the enviable position of being a well respected and quickly expanding brand. They challenge they needed to overcome was laying a foundation to support their rapid growth. With PipelineDeals, they were able to get their sales team all on the same platform and running from the same playbook.

From sales reps to managers, everyone is now able to access the data they need and make decisions based on their sales pipeline. 8th Light now has a single source of information that employees can access anytime they need client information.

Get the case study here and see how they got back to business. 

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