Action Global Communications Innovates with PipelineDeals

Action Global Communications Innovates with PipelineDeals

Action Global Communications tracks the health of their company with PipelineDeals' CRM. Read up on how they do so. 

Action Global Communication is a communications network based out of Cyprus. We spoke with Chief Executive Officer, Chris Christodoulou on how his company uses PipelineDeals.

1.Tell us about your business.

Action Global Communications is a regional communications network established 45 years ago, with a wide reach across diverse emerging markets. Spanning three continents with a long-standing ground presence in over 40 countries, we wholly own PR agencies in Russia and the CIS, the Middle East and North Africa, Eastern Europe, and the East Mediterranean.

Our creative international team offers strategic integrated communications solutions combining traditional, digital and direct services. We deliver localized campaigns in multiple markets, working across borders via our international hubs to cultivate meaningful connections for our clients and their audiences.

Drawing on long-term partnerships – some for over 40 years – we take great pride in a personal and friendly hands-on approach, drawing on our local insights in each of the countries we work in to build rewarding relationships that lead to sustainable business growth. Continually evolving with the times, we always ensure that innovation, flexibility and forward-thinking is at the heart of every Action campaign.

2. Did you look into other options before PipelineDeals?

Yes, we certainly did. The thing I liked most about PipelineDeals is its simplicity and that it’s really easy to access. Most other packages were far too complex with modules here and there that needed to be developed and tailored to our business.

With PipelineDeals you can pretty much start straight away with a simple sales cycle definition of your business.  All I wanted was good support, and a product that would meet my expectations. Not all companies have internal development teams and a big infrastructure that allow for tailor made CRM systems. Also, the more you tailor with other packages, the more it costs in the long run, so for us, PipelineDeals was the natural fit.

3.How are you using PipelineDeals?

The main focus is to gather intel on the new business process and identify where our various efforts across the network are going wrong in the sales cycle.

Four years ago, we relied on Excel based reports for country managers to detail their sales efforts. Any sales person can speak their way through progress, but with an online cloud base software … you can run but you can’t hide! It became evident that leads (deals) were not progressing, and in many cases, it became easy to spot problems in our progress.

Our business is spread over a diverse region where CRM and reporting using an online tool is not necessarily the norm, so it has taken a while to change the culture, which is why PipelineDeals has been great as it’s really easy to use.

4.What kinds of tips do you have for companies using PipelineDeals?

Start using it immediately and iron out the glitches as you go along. The data available is the biggest asset you can get from PipelineDeals. Don’t be afraid or reluctant to ask silly questions. The PipelineDeals team have probably heard it all before, and can offer valuable input that will make an immediate difference to your procedure. Identify what data is key. Create one or two reports based on you sales cycle and work on these to understand what you really need for your business.

We are based in Cyprus (in the Mediterranean) with a big-time difference to the US. Despite this, the team at PipelineDeals has always been accommodating.

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