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What Gets Measured, Gets Managed

I recently ran across an interesting and insightful blog written by Sebastian Marshall. Sebastian writes regularly on some interesting topics around improving himself, his environs and other businesses. His recent post entitled, "What Gets Measured, Gets Managed" resurfaces a nugget of wisdom from one of the leading minds in business thinking: Peter Drucker.

"What Gets Measured, Gets Managed" – Peter Drucker.

This great quote rings true in one's personal life as well as in business. Sebastian more than adequately addresses how to bring this thinking into your personal life, but it got me thinking about how PipelineDeals could help in the businss world particularly around sales. I think this way of thinking especially hits home in the world of sales and many businesses often don't measure their sales team's efforts. I do think that a business can take this axiom too far and try and measure everything ending up drowning in data. The key question for me then is:

What are the right things to manage for your business and how (and when) are you going to measure them?

We work hard to try and help you measure the right things for your business – the sales process often focuses on revenue, but much can get lost on the activity front – especially for teams of sales people. We have been looking at ways to better bring measure and report on sales team activity.

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