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Case Study: How Manpower Inc, uses PipelineDeals

Manpower Inc. is a world leader in the employment services industry. As one of the fastest growingbusiness in the Fortune 500 its critical they have tools to help manage their sales pipeline. Manpower’s Canadian business development team uses PipelineDeals to manage customers and track down new opportunities.

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The Day Google Didn’t Matter

Last Wednesday, a couple of us here at PipelineDeals decided to throw our hat into the ring for the DARPA Network Challenge. You may have seen a couple of posts on this effort late last week. In 48 hours we had rallied around a great cause and began recruiting team members. Today we found out our team placed 12th out of over 4,000 teams registered and about 500 teams making a serious attempt at the $40,000 prize.

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New Feature: PDF Reports to Print and Share

Today we are launching some exciting new features to improve the way you manage your sales pipeline and share information within your company.  You can now print out PDF reports for your deals, leads, contacts and sales pipeline reports.

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Update: Tomorrow’s Great Red Balloon Hunt – $40k for LAF

A quick update on our progress as a team this past 48 hours. This has turned into a fun, short term, intense project. We have already made new friends around the United States and complete strangers are coming together for a common cause. That in and of itself is a success. Thanks to everyone thus far for your support.

Now we are getting closer to the official start time tomorrow: 10:00 am ET. We will have 6 short hours to pull this thing off. Here is a primer for the team on how you can contribute:

1. Recruit – A full court press on growing our numbers is important. Right now, scaling up awareness and commitment is critical. Please let people know it is easy to help out and it is only for tomorrow.

The hub of the group is our Facebook Group here.

You can also join our Facebook Fan Page here.

2. Call – 8:00 pm ET Conference Call #2 tonight – We have scheduled a conference call for tonight. Any and all team members are welcome to join in and share their ideas. The agenda for tonight is to talk devise last minute recruiting strategies and to finalize communication plans for the big day tomorrow.

Here is the call in information for the call for tonight:  Dial (646) 558-2930 Access Code: 161-446-146

3. Participate – Balloon Day, Saturday December 5th – 10:00 am (ET) to 4:00 pm (local time).

Team Members should check the news and with friends and family to see if anyone has seen a balloon. This contest is as much about your personal network, online or offline, as it is about going to parks and looking for red floating weather balloons.

Submitting a sighting is easy!

Email the location of the balloon to:


Call the 40kforLAF Toll Free Hot Line: (888) 666-8808

The information needed is either the latitude and longitude of the balloon and/or the physical address of the balloon. Team members are instructed to keep the location secret as this IS a competition and the first with all 10 (or the most with at least 5 confirmed sightings) will win the prize.

If you do not know either the latitude/longitude or the address – still email or call. We can have GPS-enabled team members in the area help out.

Any questions – email or call us. We are here to help!

And remember this is all for a good cause. We will donate all post-tax winnings to the Lance Armstrong Foundation and put the money to good use fighting cancer.

Let's win this thing!

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10 Red Balloons for $40,000 donation to LAF

This afternoon we stumbled across a social experiment being conducted by DARPA to test the power of social networks. The basic premise is on this Saturday, December 5, 2009 between 10:00 am (ET) and 4:00 pm (local time) DARPA will place 10 moored, 8 foot balloons around the United States. The team who can submit the latitude and longitude first for all 10 balloons wins the $40,000. A picture of one of the balloons, as provided by DARPA, is below so you know what you are looking for on Saturday.

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New Sales Report Delivered to your Inbox Every Morning

PipelineDeals is excited to announce a newly updated daily activity report we call the Morning Coffee email. This comprehensive overview will be sent to you first thing in the morning to provide you a summary of the previous day’s accomplishments. It aggregates all your business development activities to quickly get a grasp on the progress you and your team are making.

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QUICK TIP: No Powerpoints

"No powerpoint allowed on the first sales call. Talk about their problem not your solution" – Dharmesh Shah

Last week I ran across this tip from Dharmesh Shah who was speaking at the Business of Software 2009 Conference in San Francisco. While I did not make the trip out to the conference, I was fortunate enough to bump into Dharmesh's comments on Twitter. I found his point simple but profound and wanted to share it with the PipelineDeals Community since we are all involved in the sales process. Aside from being a successful entrepreneur, Dharmesh is also an author and I now plan to add his book, Inbound Marketing, onto the "Books To Read" list. Thanks for the reminder Dharmesh that the key to selling successfully is to solve a problem.

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PipelineDeals at New York Entrepreneur Week on 11/16

New York Entrepreneur Week (NYEW) is coming to New York City November 16th through the 20th. The five day event has a line up of speakers tailored for companies of different sizes and stages. The content for the event is broken down in a way to be as relevant as possible to where you are as an entrepreneur: Start-Up and Idea-Stage, Early-Stage, Growth-Stage and Acquisition & IPO. The ticket pricing is extremely reasonable and is designed such that it is cheaper for entrepreneurs to attend. NYEW is a non-profit with the focus on putting entrepreneurs in touch with people and ideas that can help them achieve their goals. This approach frees the event to be able to be organized based on principle rather than profit. We really liked the NYEW philosophy and were excited to jump in and help out.

To that end, PipelineDeals Co-Founder JP Werlin will speak on Monday (11/16) afternoon as a panelist on bootstrapping. PipelineDeals has toiled away the last 3 years financing the company on its own means and is happy to share our lessons learned and give back to those just starting out. If you can make it to one or more of the events, please do as it is bound to be a fantastic five days. Also, please do say hello or if you would like to schedule some time while JP is in New York, please email us at customercare at pipelinedeals dot com. We hope to see you there!

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Balance: Livestrong Day 2009

This afternoon we are taking a half a day for Livestrong Day 2009. For our office in particular today has a personal meaning. Two of our team members have lost their Moms to cancer: Debbie Ammons and Cay Galgon. Today’s Livestrong 2009 Ride for Moms will not only show our commitment to the Livestrong Movement but celebrate the legacy that these two women left behind.

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5 Tips for Customizing your Account

We frequently get questions from new and existing users hoping to gain more insight from their business development pipeline. Sometimes its not easy to know where to start. We put together a list of five things to consider customizing when configuring your account with PipelineDeals.

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Just Released: New Features to Manage your Contacts and Sales Leads

PipelineDeals will soon be making some important improvements to Contacts and Leads making it easier than ever to manage your sales relationships. The Contacts tab is getting a face-lift and some powerful new functionality. You can still easily find your contacts by using our simple search for queries on First, Last or Company Name.

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