Bay Area Underpinning Uses PipelineDeals to Boost Sales

Bay Area Underpinning increased sales by using the PipelineDeals CRM. Read about how they did it. 

In the contracting world, the sales process is fast paced. If you’re not jumping on those bids and fighting for those jobs, you could miss out on important deal opportunities. In this competitive industry, having a CRM to help streamline your bidding process is an integral part of the contractors’ journey.

Bay Area Underpinning is a foundation repair company based out of the San Francisco Bay Area. Lucky for them, PipelineDeals’ CRM was able to help organize their bidding process and win jobs faster. When they switched to a CRM from QuickBooks and Microsoft office, they were able to increase sales by a margin of 15-20%.

We’ll give you a glimpse into how PipelineDeals’ powerful features were able to assist them, but make sure to check out our case study for a more in depth analysis.

At the core, there are three main ways the CRM was able to help boost sales and overall revenue growth. This was through:

Shared Information

Bay Area Underpinning expressed concern with finding a way to display lead and client information in one centralized location. They wanted their whole team to be able to access the data.

With PipelineDeals, they were able to store client contact information, documents, and notes. This allowed for any member of their team to access important information from any location, on any device, helping to aid in whichever part of the bidding process they were in.

Improved Organization

Bay Area Underpinning were fans of the how easy the sales platform could streamline tasks across their team. Every team member has a different role in the company, and this is all visible through the software.

Never again did they have to wonder who was in charge of calling which leads, and whether or not they replicated the same task twice. With full visibility into the sales pipeline, there wasn’t any back and forth banter in terms of who was supposed to complete which tasks in the sales process.

Streamlined Client Communication

Not only did PipelineDeals’ CRM help streamline organization and communication within the Bay Area Underpinning team, but it helped with external communication as well.

Through in app features that allowed them to monitor a leads sales journey, they were able to nurture them along the way, through follow up calls, emails, and keeping track of their history.

Adopting a CRM did wonders for this construction contracting company. If you’d like to read more on how PipelineDeals aided and continues to aid Bay Area Underpinning’s sales process, check out our case study.

Or if you want to go ahead and test out the features for yourself, you can get started today by trying out a free 14-day trial.

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