For Blockchain, PipelineDeals is a Perfect Fit

Blockchain is the world’s most popular Bitcoin destination. We talked with COO Peter Smith about how a free PipelineDeals bootstrap account is helping this fast-growing, global business change the way the world transacts.

What is Blockchain? was founded in 2012 by Ben Reeves was founded in 2012 by Ben Reeves

We build open source software that makes it easy and safe for businesses and consumers to use the Bitcoin protocol. Simply put, we help users securely store and transact using Bitcoins with mobile applications and browser-based software.

It’s our mission to reimagine how the world transacts. Our entire company runs on Bitcoin, meaning we do our deals in Bitcoin, pay our salaries in Bitcoin, and think in Bitcoin 24/7. Currently, our business model is based on advertising and value added services.

Tell us a little about your growth path.

Blockchain was founded by Ben Reeves in 2012. We started off as a humble web project to study some basic Bitcoin statistics. Since then, has grown into the world’s most popular Bitcoin destination with a suite of services. now has over 1.9 million wallet subscribers, serves hundreds of millions of page views a month, and provides enterprise APIs for Bitcoin companies around the world. We’ve helped users transact over $21B in value over the past two and a half years.

We have built the company with a strong focus on staying revenue positive and proving the viability of the business model. While we do have an angel investor, we’ve never taken any outside growth capital.

Why did you decide to try a PipelineDeals bootstrap account?

We found out the opportunity from our team member Nic Cary, who used to work at PipelineDeals. We looked at many CRM options, but we like PipelineDeals for its simplicity and its functionality on mobile platforms. We run a global company with 18 teammates on four continents, so it’s critical that everyone in the business development group be able to access current conversations and relationships in our pipeline. PipelineDeals is a perfect fit for a mobile, on-the-go group!

How is PipelineDeals helping your business?

 Blockchain's team are strong mobile users. Blockchain offers apps for Android and iPhone, and takes advantage of PipelineDeals mobile apps.
Blockchain’s team are strong mobile users. Blockchain offers apps for Android and iPhone, and takes advantage of PipelineDeals mobile apps.

We rely on PipelineDeals to help us cultivate inbound advertising opportunities. Prospects come in via a webform, and we immediately begin a follow-up process. We work to score the lead and make sure we’re a good fit for their needs. We seek to build partnerships with best-of-breed brands that want to market to young, early adopters of technology. Because we have so much traffic coming to our site, we can help businesses get noticed and acquire new customers.

Our sales cycle is pretty complex, but we find that PipelineDeals manages it well and helps us stay on top of our most important relationships. It has helped us better organize our sales pipeline, increase our capture rate, and improve our ability to do long-term CRM.

Do you have any tips for other bootstrapped entrepreneurs?

Keep your run rate down. Cost efficiency is the name of the game! Also, everything is negotiable, so get deals.

Is there anything you’d like to share with our audience about Bitcoin and its future in the economy?

Ten years from now we’ll be using cryptographically secure public ledgers for a variety of things, but one of the coolest will be everyone everywhere having the ability to transfer value to anyone anywhere in the world instantly and for free. One fun example will be cloud-connected self-driving cars that use digital currencies to solve traffic by allowing drivers to pay their way to work and encouraging other cars to get out of the way based on market prices. The future is exciting!

PipelineDeals offers an unlimited free account to any bootstrap (self-funded) company in the world. Having made it through our own tenuous early years as a bootstrap, we created this program to support other companies that have the gumption to build themselves the old-fashioned way—one dollar a time. Learn more about free bootstrap accounts.