An Offer for Bootstrapped Companies

Bootstrapped Company – a company that has not received venture capital or outside funding.

PipelineDeals is proud to be bootstrapped. We’ve done it since our founding in 2006 and we know how difficult it is to bootstrap a company. Many of our peers in the tech industry rely on venture capital or outside funding to grow. We grew and became profitable through hard work, amazing team-members, and the enthusiasm of our wonderful customers.

Having been through some tenuous early years as a startup, we want to help other bootstrapped companies get started. That’s why PipelineDeals will provide an unlimited free account to any bootstrap in the world.

 Getting started on a budget means efficiency

That’s right – PipelineDeals will provide an unlimited free account to any bootstrap in the world.

Your account will be free until you a) become profitable or b) raise a round of investment. Moving from a free to paid account is based on the honor system. We trust that the bootstrapped companies will let us know if they trip one of these triggers. Each company will decide what it means to be profitable and we trust that they will know best when they can afford $24/user/month.

We fundamentally believe that there should be more resources and support for companies that have the gumption to build themselves the old-fashioned way—one dollar at a time, with no outside funding. As a bootstrap that has made it through the early years successfully, we want to support the next generation.

In the coming months, we will feature posts about the bootstrapped companies that use PipelineDeals. We will highlight their stories and share how they grow as a bootstrap.

If you’re a bootstrapped company, we want to hear your story! Please contact us at If you’re interested in learning more about the Bootstrap PipelineDeals program or want to sign up for an account, click here.


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