Carolina Thomas Uses PipelineDeals to Increase Market Share

Carolina Thomas increased their marketshare from 65% to 81% in just one year when switching to PipelineDeals. Learn how they did it. 

By Erika Sommer, Content Writer at PipelineDeals

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software does just what it says—manage customer relationships. And that’s exactly what Carolina Thomas uses it for. In fact, this bus sales and service company based in Greensboro, NC was able to move from 65% market share to 81%, just this past year.

How did they do this? Tom Schaaf, Vice President and General Manager says, “Frequent engagement with our customers … With PipelineDeals, we can show customers exactly what we’re doing for them. That’s huge for us.”

Carolina Thomas uses PipelineDeals’ CRM to assist with every measurable process in the sales journey. In fact, they use it to manage their entire business.

From tracking sales and service calls, to part visits and training sessions, they use the CRM to gain full visibility into their entire enterprise.

And not only does PipelineDeals give this bus sales and service company a glimpse into the workings of their business, but it was also easy for them to adopt and navigate.

Schaaf said PipelineDeals provides them with the proper tools to stay on top of deals, but isn’t “overblown.” “It’s fine that some CRMs have lots of bells and whistles, but we don’t need that.”

PipelineDeals created a simple solution for Carolina Thomas to grow their company in a competitive industry.  

If you want to read more on how Carolina Thomas boosted their marketshare with PipelineDeals’ CRM, check out our case study.

Or if you want to try our CRM in action, sign up for our free 14 day trial

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