Choose the Right CRM in Industrial Supply

Choosing the right CRM in industrial supply has become a top priority as businesses rethink how they can expand their market opportunities.  

Choosing the Right CRM in Industrial Supply

While choosing the right CRM in industrial supply may be a priority, it is easier said than done in a market known for sometimes uncontrollable and volatile conditions. This is why a CRM becomes even more critical, a sales tool that is also an opportunity for distributors and manufacturers to focus within their business and address operational issues that are actually within their control.

In a recent article featured in Industrial Distribution magazine lists the questions you should ask when it comes down to choosing the right CRM in industrial supply.

If you’re thinking it’s about time to further build on customer relationships or if you’re looking to switch CRM vendors, it’s important to evaluate the characteristics and features that apply to the industrial supply and manufacturing fields.

6 questions to help you choose the right CRM in industrial supply

Here are six questions to keep you on track as you research which CRM can help your business thrive in the industrial supply:

1. Is the CRM easy to adopt?

CRM adoptability is critical because the fact is, many CRMs are just hard to use. In the business world, there also tends to be resistance to change. According to Gartner, the average rate for CRM adoption is below 50 percent.   A highly adoptable CRM that can certainly be the game changer to getting your workplace teams on board with a new CRM.

2. What are the CRM implementation costs?

Introducing new software in an organization means there is a period of implementation, training and downtime to account for. That’s why it is important to evaluate what a CRM implementation realistically involves. Will the CRM require that you hire outside consultants? How can best practices be established? Successfully adopting then implementing a CRM is also about creating and loyally following a smart sales process.

3. Is the CRM mobile?

When choosing the right CRM in industrial supply, it’s important to choose one that has a mobile app — accessible across web-enabled devices. It makes sense being that sales teams need to build relationships on the go. Having customer information during a sales call or offering a quote on-site helps build better business relationships.

4. Is the CRM customizable?

A CRM must be customizable because every company’s operations differ. Can you customize sales team roles, deal stages, activity categories, statuses, to-do templates, lead sources, and tasks?  You should be able to decide on customizations to fit your company’s style. This makes selling a great experience for your whole team.

5. Does the CRM offer visibility into your sales pipeline?

In the industrial supply industry, relationships — and understanding them — are paramount to success. Contract manufacturers often deal with long sales cycles and must remember to follow through on commissioning or maintenance.

For any industrial supply business, a CRM should offer a complete view of the customer’s information and interaction history. For example, features that do this in PipelineDeals include deal tracking, lead management, data importing, custom list views, sales team management and email integration.

6. Can you generate the reports you need?

CRM reports can offer a great competitive advantage in the industrial supply industry. The ability to customize reports based on your unique data will showcase your wins, losses and opportunities, and open up ways to improve based on good data. Industrial supply companies need visibility into a clearly defined sales pipeline for the most precise forecasting. A CRM must have the ability to create accurate, influential forecasts as well as dashboard features to ensure a robust sales pipeline is always top of mind.

Industrial Supply: Choosing the Right CRM

By asking certain questions when choosing a CRM, your business can benefit from your most precious data — your customer data. Distributors can create opportunities that will outweigh uncertainties in the industry, no matter how the marketplace fluctuates.

For more about what a 100 percent customizable CRM can do for your construction or industrial supply company, sign up for a free, 14-day trial of PipelineDeals.

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