Introducing the PipelineDeals Chrome Extension

By David Baars, Marketing Manager at @PipelineDeals

Salespeople spend a significant amount of time working in email. According to the Huffington Post, the average salesperson spends 13 hours per week reading, writing, and forwarding email. Given all the time we spend in email, it’s important to maximize your impact while you’re emailing. With the PipelineDeals Chrome Extension for Gmail, you can bring your sales pipeline to life in your Gmail and Google Apps account.

Enabling your PipelineDeals Chrome integration

The PipelineDeals Chrome Extension is designed to provide intelligence and context from PipelineDeals into your email account. The extension appears below your email in Google. Add and manage your contacts and leads, view related deals, and add activities, tasks, and events. Also, you can file your email as an activity in PipelineDeals by clicking on the PipelineDeals icon that appears in the header of your email.

The PipelineDeals Chrome Extension is ideal for:

  • Salespeople that use Google Apps or Gmail.

  • Referencing past deal activities, including phone calls, emails, and appointments, to provide context for your email follow-up.

  • Scheduling follow-up tasks with your leads or viewing upcoming todo items

Save time and get a handle on your sales pipeline within Gmail and Google Apps. The PipelineDeals Chrome Extension is another way that PipelineDeals helps you stay organized and close more deals.

For support on installation of the extension and more information, please review our support article and video.

 David Baars- Marketing Manager

David Baars is a math teacher turned marketing nerd. He runs marathons, exploring the outdoors, and learning how to build things. 

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  1. You guys are GENIUSES!!! You have NO idea how happy I am to have this feature! It will save me soo much time! Great work! Thanks, Nic

    • Hi Nic,

      We’re glad that you like the new extension! If you have an opportunity, please provide your feedback on the page for the Chrome Extension in the Google webstore. That will help more customers find out about the new extension.



  2. Great job on the extension. It’s making things so much easier. Can you add a "Add a Deal" to the Deals tab? Thanks again!

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