3 Benefits to a Cloud Based CRM

At PipelineDeals we understand that easy access, collaboration, and consistent system updates increase performance.

By Connor High, Customer Ambassador @pipelinedeals

In a largely Web based world, there are increasingly more benefits to having your data hosted in the cloud. Applying new technologies to your contact and sales management can move your business to new levels. Easy access on the fly, collaboration with other members on your team, and consistent system updates are a few of the ways that a cloud based CRM can increase performance and productivity.

1 – Access Your Most Up-To-Date Information Everywhere

 The cloud lets you access client data from any device anywhere. 

The ability to access and add data to your account on the go can save a lot of time and energy. Having all of the information and history from your account available on your mobile device lets you easily reference the interactions you’ve had with a contact. Also, when you meet potential leads, you can enter them into your database immediately.    

2 – Collaborate With Your Team

Cloud based systems also make it easy to send data to other users on the account. Documents such as proposals or invoices can be uploaded for specific records, and then accessed by other users on the account. Having documents hosted on a CRM is helpful, because it gives you an easy way to reference what person or deal the file is associated with, as well as all of the history that has been entered for the record.

3 – Always Up-To-Date With New Features & Functionality

 Cloud based CRM like PipelineDeals easily integrate with other software for added functionality.
Cloud based CRM like PipelineDeals easily integrate with other software for added functionality.

Another benefit of using an online program is that the software is constantly developing and improving. CRM programs that are installed on a device don’t have the capability of automatically updating versions, let alone implement these improvements for no additional cost. With cloud based software, the program you are using can adapt to your growing business. What’s more, online programs are able to integrate with other programs to make workflow much more efficient.

With data hosted in the cloud, you no longer have to worry about trying to remember where you left off with a customer, or if you have a proposal that you need for a meeting. You can access all your data, all the time.

Connor is a 2013 graduate of Skidmore College in New York. When he isn’t creatively solving problems for PipelineDeals users, Connor enjoys music, hiking, traveling, and westerns.

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