Product Update: Company Columns

Our newly released company columns can do wonders for your business. Learn how to use them to get the most out of our app. 

By Jake Werlin, Product Manager at PipelineDeals

Uncovering Hidden Opportunities

How confident are you that you’re getting the most out of your pipeline?

Probably not as much as you’d like. Your CRM system manages one of your biggest assets – your customer, prospect and other contact data. Thoroughly understanding this network of relationships is key to making smarter decisions about how to spend your time.

Not only can you more intelligently prioritize your day-to-day tasks, but you can also make strategic decisions that will have the most impact for your organization’s financial performance. At PipelineDeals, we’re making revenue decision-making more effective by delivering the most useful information about your data right to your fingertips.

Over the last few months, PipelineDeals has launched new tools to help keep your Pipeline’s momentum strong. With deal intelligence like ‘Hours to First Activity,’ ‘Days since Last Activity,’ and ‘Days in Stage,’ salespeople are now better-able to identify holes in their pipelines and catch deals before they fall through the cracks. Managers can also get an idea of who could use some coaching. All in the name of exceeding targets and nailing that bonus Vegas trip.

But why let salespeople have all of the fun? There is a lot to know about the companies you work with; learnings that can drive new expansion revenue and more efficient pipeline management. With the new ‘Won Deals’ column, PipelineDeals users can now get an idea of who their largest customers are. Account Managers, rejoice! Rank your customers by revenue so you can focus your time on where you’ll get the biggest return for your organization.

Take it one step further by identifying which of your customers may be open to an upsell. Use the new ‘Total Pipeline’ column to see which customers have active Deals in your sales pipeline. If you have strong customers without any Deals in the works, then it may be worth exploring opportunities for expansion.

Both of these new columns are designed to uncover any hidden opportunities. With more insights about customers and prospects, PipelineDeals users should be more confident in both their day-to-day decision-making and longer-term strategic planning. Hopefully by then your team has surprised you by how much they’ve exceeded their potential. 

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