PipelineDeals’ New Company Ownership Feature

The best B2B salespeople know that closing a deal isn’t the end of a relationship with a customer. For many businesses, closing a deal is the beginning of a long-term partnership. That’s why we developed the company ownership feature. Company ownership helps you manage your long-term relationship pipeline to grow your business. 

For many PipelineDeals customers, company ownership is a significant leap forward. The ability to manage up-sells and cross-sells, renewals, and customer success are critical to grow your business. 

Below are a few of the many benefits of company ownership

Account Ownership

With company ownership, you can have one point of contact that handles all business with a company.  This is helpful for businesses in which one person is responsible for the overall strategy selling into a company. As the owner of the company, you have visibility to all deals and people associated with the company. You can still have multiple deals associated to a company with different owners, but company ownership ensures that an account manager has visibility to all details with a valuable client.

For example, if you are selling into Starbucks, you may have several ongoing deals owned by several users. The company owner could be an account manager or sales manager who oversees the success of deals with Starbucks. The account manager may not be working all deals, but their knowledge of the account and your business’s history with Starbucks will help you win more deals in complex sales.


It’s often said that repeat business is an organization’s most valuable revenue channel. Company ownership will help you manage new business and renewals with your valuable customers. Assign ownership of the company to a customer manager or sales manager in charge of identifying opportunities for new business. They will have visibility to the entire history of interactions with that business without owning the deals. Company ownership ensures that you have all the knowledge you need to get recurring business without interfering with your reporting.

 Image By Guy Nirpaz of Totango - Company Ownership helps you manage renewals, upsells and customer success. This could be your most valuable revenue channel
Image By Guy Nirpaz of Totango – Company Ownership helps you manage renewals, upsells and customer success. This could be your most valuable revenue channel

One way a customer is currently using this feature is to differentiate between new sales and renewing sales. The first sale is managed by one team whose expertise is closing new business. All subsequent sales are led by a renewals team that combines customer success, client management, and expert salespeople who drive repeat and renewing business.

Upsells & Cross-sells

Similar to renewals, Company Ownership can also assist your team with managing upsells and cross-sells. Different upsell or cross-sell opportunities can be represented as different deals, and an account owner can gain visibility to on-going deals through ownership of the Company.

Customer Success and Implementation Management

 Use company ownership to manage customer success and implementation
Use company ownership to manage customer success and implementation

Your customer success and implementation teams can also use PipelineDeals to manage their ongoing projects and relationships post sale. Customer success is critical to to winning repeat business. 

When a deal or deals are closed/won, transfer ownership of the Company to a Customer Success or Implementation Manager so that they can ensure your customer is successful. Ownership of the deal will stay in the hands of your salesperson for the sake of reporting, and your customer success manager can coordinate taking care of your new customer. 

We’re confidant that company ownership will help you control your account and grow your business. If you have questions or concerns about company ownership, please review the support document here. Also, feel free to contact us at customercare@pipelinedeals.com or call us at 866-702-7303.

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