Email Integration for PipelineDeals

By David Baars, Marketing Manager at PipelineDeals

PipelineDeals launches Connect, a complete email integration for PipelineDeals. Connect is available for users of the Accelerator plan of PipelineDeals.

 Integrating email with your CRM is key for success

Email is the one of the most important tools in any salesperson’s arsenal. More than a quarter of a salesperson’s workweek is spent checking, responding to, and searching through messages (McKinsey Global Institute). We’ve worked with thousands of salespeople that always have two tabs up in their browser, email and PipelineDeals, and wondered, how valuable would it be to bring your email inbox directly into your CRM? That’s why we’re excited to officially launch Connect – a complete native email integration for any email service.

Connect, which is available for all users on the Accelerator plan, provides salespeople with a one-stop-shop to maximize productivity and deepen customer relationships. Connect fully integrates any web based email service with the sales and account management functionality of PipelineDeals. You can integrate PipelineDeals with Gmail, Google Apps, Office 365, Outlook Exchange, or any other IMAP service. The result is more streamlined communication and better engagement with leads and customers.

With Connect for PipelineDeals, you can:

  • Integrate your email with PipelineDeals to view, reply, and send email from the app.

  • Sync and capture emails with your contacts so that you have the full history.

  • View related details on your contacts like deal value, deal stage, or tasks in your email.

  • Prioritize your inbox by filtering out non-relevant content or viewing email connected to your most valuable deals.

Connect is part of PipelineDeals’ Accelerator package. Further information is available at:

If you’re a current customer and you want to try Connect, click here and let us know.

If you’re not a PipelineDeals customer, click here to start a free trial.