Cornerstone Flooring Cuts Time to Close with PipelineDeals

Cornerstone Flooring switched to PipelineDeals CRM.

 Cornerstone Flooring uses PipelineDeals

One challenge we often hear from businesses is that they want their salespeople to close new deals more quickly. Sales can be slowed down for a variety of reasons, including communication issues, friction in the sales process, or inefficient technology. Cumbersome software was negatively impacting Cornerstone Flooring in a significant way – that’s why they switched to PipelineDeals.

Cornerstone Flooring is the nation’s largest single-source manufacturer and installer of high-performance resinous flooring systems. Since switching to PipelineDeals, Cornerstone Flooring has decreased their time-to-close from 42 days in Q2 2015 to 24 days in Q3 2015.

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“With PipelineDeals, we’re communicating better and closing deals faster. The best thing is the reporting. All the information we need to accelerate our business is right at our fingertips.”

— Kim Hicks, Sales Administrator, Cornerstone Flooring.

Cornerstone Flooring now has the data and communication tools it needs to close more deals in less time. Additionally, PipelineDeals reporting gives Cornerstone’s owner Dan Hess the ability to be a more effective sales coach. As Kim Hicks, Sales Administrator at Cornerstone Flooring explains, “[Dan] can jump on opportunities [now] and provide direction… his advice to the salespeople goes a long way.”

Find out more about how Cornerstone Flooring has dramatically increased growth with PipelineDeals.

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