A CRM My Sales Team Will Use

PipelineDeals is the easy-to-use CRM for sales teams. Here are 10 things new users learn to get their sales pipelines growing. 

Watch the Welcome to PipelineDeals video!

CRM My Sales Team Will Use

Sales CRM software should be easy-to-use. Simple concept right? It isn’t the case because there are so many overengineered and overpriced CRM solutions in the market

Your sales team wants an easy-to-use CRM.

We’re glad you found PipelineDeals. We’ve designed a CRM that is all about being easy-to-use so you can spend more time selling and closing deals faster. We believe that sales teams need to be productive and PipelineDeals is proven to have what’s needed to make sure they make the most of their workday.

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The Easy-to-Use CRM

This two-minute Welcome to PipelineDeals! video is for first-time users who want to get familiarized with what they see when they start to log into PipelineDeals.  

We invite you to watch the video and then experience the ease of use of PipelineDeals for yourself. 

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If you prefer to “read” the video, here is the transcription:

Welcome! Time to get familiarized with PipelineDeals in 10 easy steps.

Log into the Home Page. Across the top, your sales pipeline will be separated out by the deal stages you choose. 

PipelineDeals Home Page

2Let’s navigate to the rest of the tool tabs. The next tabs are built around the core concepts of PipelineDeals.

People tab filters your People contacts.  

Companies. Deals. People.

Always dynamically updated, these tabs are what you’ll use to track your contacts and leads daily.

Next is the Agenda tab where to-do items are filtered and prioritized to keep a deal moving.  

Calendar Tab in PipelineDeals.

The Calendar tab syncs with Google or Outlook and displays the same aforementioned Agenda to-dos.

This tab is for email where you can sync with your Google or Outlook. 

Email tab in PipelineDeals.

The last in the tab row is Reports where you’ll find dashboards of sales insights. 

Report tab in PipelineDeals.

Now that you know what each tab does, here are other top tips.

Get to know our powerful List Views – which may look like Excel – but you can customize, drag, drop and filter your custom fields. 

You can even give a star to favorite lists that you need fast access to.

List Views are powerful and easy to use.

Next tip. That handy plus sign in the corner? It enables you to add contact data.

Finally, schedule a personalized tour. It‘s the best way to learn much more. We’re happy to help.  

Book a personalized demo of PipelineDeals today.

Experience the ease of use of PipelineDeals for yourself. 

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