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5 Things To Look For With CRM For Small Businesses

Utilizing a PipelineDeals CRM is a great way for a small business to transform from one that is surviving, to one that is growing. 

If you’re a small business owner, you know that looking for ways to build and grow your business is a top priority. Finding ways to work smarter is key to taking your business to the next level. How do small business owners guarantee they don’t miss out on revenue opportunity? Having a solid business plan is a start. Sketching out an effective sales process is another step in the right direction.

What sets one small business apart from the competition are the tools they use to track leads and stay on top of their sales process. Utilizing a CRM is a great way for a small business to transform from one that is surviving, to one that is growing. Last month we wrote about 10 Questions To Consider When You’re Looking For a B2B CRM. This month, we want to focus specifically on 5 things to look for with CRM for small business.

 Make sure to do your homework before implementing a CRM. Make sure to do your homework before implementing a CRM.

A quick search on the internet will pull up countless CRM tools claiming to be the one to launch your business’ success. Shopping for a CRM can be overwhelming and just plain exhausting; especially for the small business owner who wears many hats in their organization.

To help with this process, we created this guide. We recommend looking for a CRM that is:

1. Easy to use.  A CRM with too many bells and whistles will complicate your life rather than organize your workflow. A straight-forward system that is easy to implement and easy to use is one that you and your team will get the most out of.

2. Fits your budget. CRMs come in many forms, at a variety of price ranges. Educate yourself on what you are (or are not) getting for the money. Finding the right balance is key to making sure you come out ahead.

3. Fits your process. You want a CRM that can fit your sales process. The ability to customize a CRM is critical to being success. Make sure that you know how you can customize your CRM to fit your

4. Ready-To-Go Mobile. How easy is it to take your CRM on the road? If you have salespeople on-the-go, your CRM system needs to have good mobile options. If the CRM doesn’t have mobile options or if they don’t update their mobile apps frequently, watch out.

5. Has great support and training resources. Is there a phone number to call? Is there a friendly, knowledgeable voice on the other line? A CRM with accessible support will save you lots of time and frustration when you have a question or issue that you need resolved.

Finding the right CRM for your small business can be a daunting task. With this guide, we hope we’ve lightened the load. Check out how we’ve built PipelineDeals to be the ideal CRM for small businesses. Once you find the right match for your needs, your life will be easier and more organized, and you will see the results in your bottom line.

PipelineDeals helps over 3,100 small businesses succeed every day. Sign up for a free trial to see if our CRM is right for your small business needs.

Lisa is a Customer Ambassador at PipelineDeals and a graduate of Washington State University. Prior to joining PipelineDeals, Lisa spent 8 years working in the wine industry.

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