4 Enhancements to Brighten Your Use of PipelineDeals

Customer Feedback: 4 New CRM Features

PipelineDeals deploys small enhancements daily. Find out about four updates we made this week that your team will want to adopt right away.

Customer feedback matters and our four newest CRM features reflect that.

Customer Feedback Leads to New Features

We’re happy to announce four CRM updates we think will have a big impact on your workday. These updates came from customer feedback. Thanks to everyone who took the time to share their experience with the app. Our product team reads all of your feedback and uses it to improve PipelineDeals.

1. Editing Tasks from a List

This has been a long time request from our list of power users. As you may know, you can view and mark your next task complete directly from the Deal, People, or Companies list. Now, you can edit your tasks directly from your list without navigating to a profile page or the agenda!

Viewing and editing tasks from a list is a great way to build workflows for your business. For instance, you can sort leads from the People list by next task due, and easily follow up with them directly. Add, edit, postpone, and mark tasks as complete from a list and make yourself more productive!

2. View Selected Records on Lists

Another result of customer feedback is the view of selected records on Lists. Taking bulk action from a list, such as sending an email campaign or updating a person status, is a powerful feature of the list view. Now, we’ll highlight records that you select to take bulk action so that you can easily see selected records.

To do this, click on the checkboxes next to records on the left side of the list. Selected records will now be highlighted, and the bulk actions bar will appear at the top of the list.

3. Close List View Cells from Anywhere

This enhancement eliminates a pet peeve of many users. As you may know, you can edit cells on a list by clicking in the cell to open an edit window. Now, you can close that cell by clicking anywhere on the page – not just empty whitespace!

This enhancement will allow users to close cell windows without impacting or editing other elements on the page. This small change can make some big improvements to your sanity when making edits in PipelineDeals!

4. Labels for Automations Match

Customers on our ‘Grow’ plan have access to one of our most powerful features, automations. Automations allow you to trigger actions like notifications, the creation of new deals or tasks, and more, based on what your users are doing. Talk about ensuring maximum productivity across your sales team!

In the first of several planned updates to automations, we’ve made changes to the fields that you can select when setting one up. Now, the fields that you can select will match all the fields that you can choose elsewhere in PipelineDeals.

Have more suggested updates? Let us know what enhancements you’d like to see to the app by contacting customercare@pipelinedeals.com. We share this feedback with our product team and use it to guide the future enhancements we make!


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