Customize Todo Types & Activity Categories

PipelineDeals pros use our task management and activity features to stay on top of their leads and deals. Many users know that whenever you add a todo or activity in the app that you can also categorize by type (e.g. phone call, email, etc.). What you may not know is that you can customize the types of todos or activity categories available for your account, as well as change the order in which categories appear.

To change the categories available, you must be an Account Admin.

 Example of Activity Category Edit Screen
Example of Activity Category Edit Screen

To Customize Task & Event Type and Activity Categories

  1. Click on the Gear Icon and Select Account Settings
  2. To edit Task & Event type, select Task and Events
    1. Click the “Add New Type” button to add new types
    2. Click the “Paper & Pencil” icon next to a type to edit
    3. Click the “Trash Can” icon next to a type to delete
    4. Click the “Three Bar” icon next to a type to re-order
  3. To edit Activity categories, select Activity Categories
    1. Click “Add a New Activity Category” to add category
    2. Click the “Paper & Pencil” icon next to a category to edit
    3. Click the “Trash Can” icon next to a category to delete
    4. Click the “Three Bar” icon next to a category to re-order

Why is it valuable to customize your todo types and activity categories? Here are three reasons you should customize categories in the app:

1 – Setting your most common activities at the top of your list of options saves time – Whenever you add a new todo or activity, you always have an opportunity to set the type or category. The category at the top of the category list is the default category. Whenever you add a new category, the default category is automatically set. Adding the category to the top of your list will reduce the number of clicks you take and speed up your process.

2 – Every task & event type should have a corresponding activity category – Task & event items in PipelineDeals are actions to be completed, and activities are a record of the actions that you’ve taken. PipelineDeals power-users use our customization feature to ensure that activities and to-do categories match. By matching the available category types, you can ensure that every scheduled todo has a corresponding completed action. This is helpful for ensuring accurate reporting in the app, and can help managers identify gaps in recording.

3 – Accurately recording your actions helps you analyze wins and losses – The types of actions you take when you win, or lose, in sales are valuable to analyze. Customizing the types of categories you track will help you to identify trends with closed deals. You can use the activity scoreboard to easily analyze wins and losses by your salespeople through time, and identify what actions are leading to success. Once your sales process is established, you can also use categories to A/B test your sales process. Learn more about A/B testing your sales process here.

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