Custom Profile Pages Are Coming Soon Here!

Salespeople are unique and there is no one-size-fits-all view for every sales workflow. We’ve worked with thousands of salespersons over the last seven years, and we pride ourselves on making it simple for you to customize your CRM. That’s why we’re excited to announce custom profile pages. This new feature will allow PipelineDeals users more power to determine how they want to view people and deals.

With custom profile pages, you can now rearrange the profile pages for People, Deals, and Companies to match your workflow. This recently added feature enables you to open or collapse relevant information on profile pages, and rearrange the profile to view your data in a way that is most useful for you.

Need to view your custom fields near the top of the profile page? No problem! Drag the custom fields tile to the top of the page and PipelineDeals will remember your preferences. Do you need to collapse activities from your view to focus on other relevant data? Click to collapse the activities tile so you can focus on what’s most important for you in the moment.

We’re excited to let you further personalize your PipelineDeals CRM with custom profile pages. Also, we want to hear what you think about this new feature! Email us at or call us at 866-702-7303, and let us know what you think.  

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  1. While I like this feature, I must say that I feel it is a low priority compared to other "low hanging fruit" such as the ability to make certain non-custom fields mandatory/required. It would be great if you allowed us to vote on order of priority so as to not spin your wheels. Thanks

  2. Agree completely with Rob. I think you need a system in place to allow us, the actual users of the program, to put priority on what needs to be developed. I can honestly say that the "upgrades" that have been done, have been of little to no help to our organisation. Let’s shoot for a better email gadget to allow us to save our emails under specific deals, instead of just to the person that is associated with the deal. Because this doesn’t work for companies who have reps that they sell through.
    Appreciate the thought into upgrading, but this needs to be driven by existing customers, so we aren’t forced to look at other solutions.

  3. Hi Rob and Calvin – Thanks for the feedback. This is just one of the many feature enhancements we’ve been working on. We have some exciting things planned for 2014 and we use the customer feedback we receive at our blog and user community to guide our decision making process.

    You can share feature ideas and upvote them by visiting:

    Please share your ideas so we can improve your PipelineDeals experience.


  4. Kris, JP & Nick, and Team Pipeline Deals — This is a fantastic new feature. Thanks a million for continuing to innovate and improve an already excellent CRM. Keep rolling!

  5. Sounds Interesting… Customizing Deals & People page…!! Lovely

  6. For me, this is a great feature! I need additional People information at my finger tips when talking to prospects. Putting the Prospect’s time zone and relationship to mine would be a real plus, too.

    Improvements to the Gmail gadget are always welcome 🙂

    • Thanks, Bob! We plan to improve the Gmail gadget. We’ll provides updates as soon as we have more info to share.

  7. I like the new addition however there is a very critical simple change that would make Pipelines ever more valuable.

    Please allow for creating Templates for each industry or target we sell to. In my case, I have various targets and the custom data is different for each one. Currently I have to make it as broad as possible and any specifically detailed data collection such as "number of seats in a call center" would not be useful when not targeting call centers.

    Most companies have various channels with different important variables for each channel. Hope to hear back soon.


    • Hi Kyle – Thanks for the feedback. We’ve recieved this feature request before and it’s something we may support in the future. We’ll let you know as soon as we have more info to share.

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