Pro Tips – Advanced Deal Forecasts in PipelineDeals

While using PipelineDeals CRM, switching over to the Advanced list view opens the door to even more powerful and enhanced reporting

The Deals list view allows you to easily structure and track important information for deals you are working on. This list view is a great way to reference the specific details you need on the fly. 

Switching over to the Advanced list view opens the door to even more powerful and enhanced reporting. From here, a wealth of information becomes available that allows you to forecast and act on the deals in your account. 

Add Actual & Expected Close For Deal Forecasting

Two fields that are especially useful for deal forecasting are Actual Close and Expected Close. Using the Advanced filter with these fields, you can run monthly, quarterly, even annual reports. 

Add the Actual Close and Expected Close fields to the list view by clicking Select Columns and selecting Other Fields. The Expected Close field allows you to forecast active deals in the pipeline. The Actual Close field is automatically set when you close a deal. 

Creating 30, 60, & 90 Day Forecast Reports

In the Advanced setting, you can filter for a specific time frame in which Deals were closed or have been set to close. You can choose an option from the preset time frames, or create your own range using the Custom feature. 

For example, you could create a custom time frame for January through March to create a quarterly report of your Deals. This will then show you how much revenue your company has generated in that quarter. The Actual Close column will allow you to see the total value that each of these Deals are worth. You can use columns such as Source and Owner to identify where your Deals came from, and which users have closed the most deals. 
Generating 30, 60, and 90 day reports for Expected Close is a great way to get an overview of the business you and your team have in your pipeline. Being able to view the Deals you have for a specific time frame will help you to plan and execute more effectively giving you more control over your sales process. Having such easy access to this information takes the guesswork out of projecting and calculating what you will be bringing in from the Deals you are working. 

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