Demo Us, Sign-up, and Get $150!

We want to encourage you to meet every sales goal with this offer: Demo Us, Sign-Up, and Get $150! Yep, read on.

Sign-Up and Get a $150 Amazon Gift Card

The end of the year is winding down and I’m sure you know where your sales stand. Perhaps you are on track not to meet your sales goals. Or you know your team could do way better.

Every sales leader wants to hit the mark. With the new year around the corner, the best time to start is now — but you may not know what you need to change to get to where you want to be.

We can help.

Answer this:

Are you still using pen and paper or spreadsheets to track customer relationships?

Does your sales team refuse or use your current complex or over-engineered CRM or sales software?

Are you frustrated with your sales process and know you have the potential to do better?

If you answered yes to any of those questions above you need options. Now is the perfect time to demo PipelineDeals. 

2020 is officially around the corner. We believe Q4 is the best time of the year for sales leaders and decision-makers to think about getting set up for sales success. We’re confident that our sales pipeline enablement platform is the answer for your team. We want you to join 18,000 PipelineDeals users around the world who have seen game-changing results. 

Sign an annual contract with PipelineDeals for your business before the New Year and we’ll send you a $150 Amazon gift card. Think of it as a congratulatory gift for taking the steps to grow your sales pipeline, manage your sales teams better than ever, and close more deals faster.

Attend a demo, sign-up for PipelineDeals, and get a $150 Amazon gift card!

Your Sales Pipeline Success Begins Now

It’s a win-win situation for you and for us.

We’ve seen it over and over again throughout the nearly 14 years we’ve been in the sales software business.  Our customers know the superpowers of sales pipeline enablement very well and we believe you can gain those superpowers too. That’s why we want you to attend a demo so our team can show you exactly how PipelineDeals can solve your sales stuck points, or get you off of spreadsheets to keep track of your customers. Then you can decide for yourself and weigh the benefits of having the leading sales enablement platform ready for 2020.  

Ready? Set? Demo and Go!

Note that rules and restrictions apply. Please see below. 

Terms of the Demo, Sign-On and Get $150 Offer:

  1. You must sign up for a demo and attend the demo. Please mention the offer 150. Sign up for the demo right above and pick a calendar time or you can visit our sign up demo page here: www.pipelinedeals.com/demo 
  2. After you attend the demo, and you sign an annual contract with PipelineDeals within two weeks, you will be placed on a list to receive a $150 Amazon gift card.
  3. You must sign an annual contract for any of the plans, for at least one user.
  4. This offer is limited to one gift card per company.
  5. Please allow us up to 4 weeks from the day you sign your contract to receive an email with the link to get your Amazon gift card.
  6. This offer is not applicable to current PipelineDeals customers. 
  7. This offer is active for new annual accounts that are signed up until Dec. 31st, 2019.

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