Digging In with Andrew McCaffery

Learn how to build a team culture that also fits the needs of clients as PipelineDeals Co-founder JP Werlin interviews BrandVerity’s Andrew McCaffery.

Digging In is a “no holds barred” series of sales interviews presented by JP Werlin, Co-founder, and CEO of PipelineDeals. The series is intended to be a candid look at the world of selling from the perspective of those who do it every day. With each episode, you’ll leave with at least one real tip, trick, or strategy that will help you improve your game. 

 Digging In

In this first episode of Digging In, we explore the sales operations of BrandVerity, a small bootstrapped company that is rapidly expanding into new markets from the perspective of their head of sales, Andrew McCathery.  

Andrew was brought on by the company’s founders as their first salesperson to prove the channel as a viable route for growing the business. His understanding of the importance of finding a fit between a company’s culture and their sales process has been essential to leading the company’s sales team. 

At BrandVerity, Andrew got thrown into the deep end on day one and went on to craft not only a sales process that has allowed them to continue growing for seven years but to build a sales team to keep the growth coming. In the interview, JP presses him with the tough questions of building a team that can match the culture of the organization and fit the needs of the clients. 

The results are an insightful blend of the skills that it takes to make it as a quota carrying sales rep and the knowledge that is needed to take it to the next level as a sales manager. 

Catch the full interview on Grow University and take home valuable insights into what it takes to succeed wherever you sit in the organization, from front line rep to VP of sales. 

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