Digging in with Matt Gitzlaff

Learn how to provide world class service & get the sale as PipelineDeals Co-founder JP Werlin interviews Pest Control Sales Manager, Matt Gitzlaff.

Digging In is a “no holds barred” series of sales interviews presented by JP Werlin, Co-founder, and CEO of PipelineDeals. The series is intended to be a candid look at the world of selling from the perspective of those who do it every day. With each episode, you’ll leave with at least one real tip, trick, or strategy that will help you improve your game. 

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In this next installment of Digging In, JP dives into what it takes to build trust and manage a territory with veteran sales rep and the recently promoted sales manager of Wil-Kil Pest Control, Matt Gitzlaff. Their conversation dives into what it takes to provide world class customer service and what it takes to get the sale.

Matt started his career on the factory floor for a multi-state manufacturer, before quickly moving onto the sales team. Over the next eight years, he proved he knew how to manage a territory and build relationships through what he calls “friendly persistence.”

Maintaining ongoing contact with a wide array of contacts over a huge geographic area required both organization and tenacity to cultivate the relationships, but for Matt it paid off with him being relied upon as a reliable top performer.

We need to keep the funnel full and keep prospecting or it is going to be too late.

For Matt, the next jump in his sales career came when he joined Wil-Kil Pest Control to Manage their eight sales people and rapidly expanding territory. Now learning to use his sales experience to coach other salespeople on his team, his presence is already being felt.

Throughout the interview, JP explores Matt’s experience and insights into the sales process, and making the jump from active selling to management. Watch the full interview to get Matt’s take on the what it takes to make it in the selling profession today.

Catch the full interview on Grow University and take home insights that will remind you why we all got into the business of selling.

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