Two Features For Lead Capture On The Run

In his national best selling book Never Eat Alone, Keith Ferrazzi writes that “pinging” your network and genuine relationship building are the key to successful lead qualification. Some of the best salespeople that we know are masters at networking, cultivating new leads and following up to qualify contacts. Following up with, or “pinging,” new leads can be difficult however when you are on the run.

Don’t worry though, PipelineDeals has some great features to help road warriors stay on top of their potential new leads. You never know when a chance meeting at a tradeshow could lead to a huge new deal and PipelineDeals CRM will help you to seal the deal

 Before you forget, use PipelineDeals lead capture features to gather info on new leads
Before you forget, use PipelineDeals lead capture features to gather info on new leads

PipelineDeals has a couple of great email features to help you capture leads in your account on the go. Whether you are looking to record some information on a lead to follow-up later, or you are ready to write a follow-up email, PipelineDeals helps you with lead management from the start.

What if I don’t have time to send a formal follow-up with a lead yet?

PipelineDeals pros send their leads to when they’re on the run. Type the name of the lead in the subject line and add their contact information into the text of the email. You can even include a note about how you met the new lead or some personal information that you can include later when you reconnect.

No more worrying about losing out on potential deals while you send out follow-ups. Send people you meet to, and get back to meeting new people!

I’m ready to follow-up with a new lead – now what?

You can create a new profile for your lead in PipelineDeals when you follow-up with them over email. Write your follow-up email as normal, add the lead’s email address in the TO field and add in the BCC field. PipelineDeals will automatically create a new lead for you in PipelineDeals and track the email on the new lead’s profile page.

PipelineDeals email features make it was to track and connect with new leads to win more deals!